Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fadath forces and 2013 plans

Well the hoidays are over and yes I got a chance for a quick and bloody game in during the Christmas period.Once I've had chance to sift through over a hundred pics I'll post up what happened.

Sadly not much progress on the cloudship front,shame on me :(

I've included a few (poor quality,I know its the cheap camera.A better one would mean less new things to buy)pics of the almost complete Fadath force.The old army mainly made up of GW second hand LOTR's figs with conversions to make a musket rifle unit.The new army mainly from New Line Designs with minor conversions to hands and feet to give them a Martian look,with some humans thrown in as mercenaries.

Also included is a pic of the early stages of a Hill Martian tented camp.I bought (a while ago now)this cheap plastic 54mm Timpo Indian Teppe packswith the view to turning them into something like page 53 of Steppelords of Mars.Finally starting do something with them.

Workbench things to do 2013


To Finish:

Martian Cavalry 60%

Scots rifle section 30%

Imperial Russian unit 10%

Countesses Guard 10%

British Patrol Boat 10%

British Aerial Patrol Boat 70%

Large Martian Cloud ship 60%

Large Martian Cloudship 100%

Small Martian Cloudship 100%

Air Pirate skiff 70%

Martian Fortified Manor 60%

Hill Martian tented camp 90%

Martian baggage train with Martian wagons etc. 90%

New Projects for 2013:


Belgian Martian Force-European Officers, Martian Colonial Troops-platoon to company strength

Imperial Nippon Martian Forces -Officers and infantry.

Russian Imperial militia/armed workers/farmers

More cavalry for Mars

SOA Airship

Imperial German Airship

Imperial German Tripod unit

Martian city streets urban high status/former high status with towers

Venus Forces-Parrotmen(can’t have Venus without parrotmen no matter who’s canon you tend to follow)  more lizardmen, transport ,etc.

Buildings- Plantations, Trading Posts, Native villages/camps, urban areas , Ether Port.

Classic Sci-Fi

1950’s-1960’s space project revived. Minis ,buildings , space ships etc.

Some shots of the  Fadath First Foot. Freed slaves now serving in city state.


  1. You have your work cut out for you and no mistake.

    Here's to seeing the piccies.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you Keith.

    I'd be happy to get the 2012 projects finished this year lol,but if I didn't plan and aim high I'd never get anything done ;)