Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Martian City Boards Part 2 Or playing with glue in the kitchen!

As most of you will expect by now I'm still behind on lots of existing projects but I managed to get a few hours in today to do a bit more of some of my city boards. So I've been testing the street layouts and started to repaint and retexture some of my cork builds.

The idea its to make the boards mix and match for different uses. We will see if this works without altering my buildings too much.
Edited 22/07/15

Working on some street/market stalls as well. Cheap and cheerful ;)

Edited 050815 working on the boards by adding sand and first paint layer then a undercoat for the paths.Plus some more cork buildings re-texturing.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Canal Cranes Part 2 or Martian Ancient Canal Crane

An Ancient Martian Canal Crane from my imagination and a pre-cut kit.

So how to depict a Martian crane?

Well metal is scarce on mars and as most machines from the advanced age are limited so the answer would have to be wood. But still ancient in style and knowledge.  Something that the Canal Priests could still maintain or oversee its maintenance as keepers of such “secrets”. So a wooden crane then with some metal parts. Real wood or resin/plastic?

I searched and couldn’t find any that looked remotely like the image in my mind of a large ancient structure able to work on the canals, powered by water technology. So I looked for wooden kits of other types of model to convert as scratch built felt a little much given my current number of projects on the work bench. I found after a few hours on the internet a wooden trebuchet kit from Youngmodeler. Sadly I couldn’t find one in the UK so had to go ebay and bought one from Korea.


Still it finally turned up and I got to work on it with the addition of a couple of Warbases 120mm circular bases for the rotating platform. This is planned to sit on a ‘powerhouse’ overlooking the canal.


The conversion wasn’t huge as you can see.  More of a case of missing bits out from the pack and reserving other bits with a few add on features to try to show it’s a powered crane.

N.B. I was waiting to finish it before I published this post but as I've already had some comments of a tease yesterday here is the post away.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Late June post

A late post due to work and family matters. Not much done this June, many working on human and Martian transport / street scatter. Oh yes the Martian canal crane has had an outing!