Sunday, 27 February 2011

Getting Closer

Loads of base coating last night,while waiting for them to dry I knocked up some 'Martian' stones.Used as markers for Hill Martians and Canal Martian towns.Some chaps next to them for scale.They started off as Elf Way Stones made in plaster,though the seller tried to pass them off as resin.Naughty naugthy,they won't be getting a link on this blog.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Slow progress

The painting is going slowly this month but I hope to have the majority of Martians painted soon and get a larger game in before the end of the month.But I couldn't resist getting some more Humans after seeing Ironclad's display at the York Games Fair this month so I'm not making it easy on my self when it comes to finishing ;)

I've also been making some more very cheap cork buildings and what was planned as a station and nearby homestead is turning into a village come town.Still no work on the canal but all the measuements and sourcing of materials done. Backgrounds fluff written and awaiting to be used.