Sunday, 13 February 2011

Slow progress

The painting is going slowly this month but I hope to have the majority of Martians painted soon and get a larger game in before the end of the month.But I couldn't resist getting some more Humans after seeing Ironclad's display at the York Games Fair this month so I'm not making it easy on my self when it comes to finishing ;)

I've also been making some more very cheap cork buildings and what was planned as a station and nearby homestead is turning into a village come town.Still no work on the canal but all the measuements and sourcing of materials done. Backgrounds fluff written and awaiting to be used.


  1. Hi
    I like the look of this project you are doing, I have something similar on backburner myself, mainly using Parroom minitures but I recently recieved some RAFM as well, am tempted to take a break from Zulus and get on with my Martians. What rules are you using?

  2. I've been using a number on tests.My games not all published on here are still at the testing stage.I haven't found what I might call the 'idea' rules set yet.

    Those the I have tried range from pulp,Zulu Wars/Sudan Conflict to Space 1889 as I've all their pdfs.As I not going down the line of super Martian or human weapons,walkers etc.That leaves earth men with weapons advantage in most cases but small in numbers.As yet I don't think their is a rules set that can handle this in the whole.

    Lightly armed Hill Martians can be used in the same way as lightly arms plains native americans,but heavy armoured canal Martians more operate like middle ages armies using formations.Its what makes it more interesting but rather difficult for one set of magic rules.

    I'm open to suggestions or advice :)

  3. Just to update things I've just bought Navy Walked - Quick Play to work on towards what I'm looking.We will see if it works but for a couple of pounds no major loss if it doesn't.