Thursday, 25 December 2014

2014 Review and 2015 Plans

Review of 2014 and 2015 plans and projects.

2014 A little further on the cloudship front but still lots to do to finish the fleet.

So what for 2015? In a nut shell finish all the outstanding projects!


While I promised myself not to start anything new I did but I got some of the projects finished and others close to their completion. Some of those below I haven't touch all year due to lack of time and adding new things to the Space 1889 world.

To Finish:

Imperial Nippon Gunship to build.


Martian Cloudship fleet to complete ,at least three more ships.


Air Pirate skiff 70%-90%- See above.


Martian Fortified Manor 60%-No further than before, having problems with the angled walls.


Hill Martian tented camp 90%-finished ,but still to complete.


Martian baggage train with Martian wagons etc. 90%-finished.No further progress.

Imperial Nippon Martian Forces -Cavalry.-Not started yet. Bought the riders this year from Copplestone but waiting for the Gashants from RAFM.

Just to show the idea a few spare Gashants from the lead pile (left over from the native Martian mercenary cavalry project)while I await the overseas post with the fresh mounts.

Russian Imperial Cossack Cavalry, Militia/armed workers/farmers-Not started yet maybe from Copplestone.Not started yet. Bought the riders this year from Old Gory but waiting for the Gashants from RAFM.

SOA Airship-Started but the core model (Golden Compass airship) was too heavy.I'm looking for something else to replace it.
Imperial German Airship-Started but hit a snag.The carriage needs redesigning, the blimp is too small really but I just can't find anything bigger than the Revell Hindenburg model.


Martian city streets urban high status/former high status with towers-Well more buildings in cork.I still haven't added wall lights etc. More a case of how to avoid breakage when storing away. Plus retexturing the walls and maybe a colour change?

Revamp my canal section and dock. Still in bits after replacing the papermahcet with foam.


Venus Forces-Parrotmen(can’t have Venus without parrotmen no matter who’s canon you tend to follow) more lizardmen, transport ,etc.-Well I started them but the whole unit isn't fully finished yet.


Buildings- Plantations, Trading Posts, Native villages/camps, urban areas , Ether Port.-Well I've made some advances on these as you will know if you have been following the blog.But while I've sourced all the bits and finished some there are some big buildings yet to be finished. Nor have I started on the Parrotmen village. I've the bits but haven't got round to putting them together. Blame the lizardman for that lol.

Classic Sci-Fi

1950’s-1960’s space project revived. Minis ,buildings , space ships etc.-I've sourced possible suitable minis but VSF has kept me busy maybe this year?.

So lots of things didn’t get finished this year but should keep me busy for next year. Once again time is a key factor and when I can I try to put the time in. If I get some progress of any of these I will of cause let you know on my humble blog.

May the holiday season find you all well and next year see your gaming wishes come true. I
wish all a Merry Christmas/Yule Tide and Happy New Year.May your God, Gods or Richard Dawkins go with you :)