Thursday, 26 February 2015

Feb Update or No not another Martian Project !

I said I wasn't going to start any new projects this year, just finish those outstanding but......................

I've got the terrain bug again!

After some damage it was time for a refurb of the canal board plus adding a frame to try to stave off warping. This time a much darker and deeper colour for the clay/mud banks. After another coat it may get a dry brush of a lighter colour?
Martian outpost? From Amera Plastics. I've got to add a door to the rear on the upper level and maybe some shutters. Not a fort but a defendable "way station" for travellers on route through the steppes or deserts.

A ruined city idea? Maybe the city of Bordobaar? This may mean more games boards or free standing terrain?

Will the Martian madness ever stop? ; -)

Sunday, 1 February 2015

For King and Gumme

For King and the Gumme-Part 1

We managed to get this game in at the weekend after a very long time of planning it.Thank you Lee and Mrs Lee for letting him come out to play.

Gumme a vile dirty and dangerous trade which makes vast sums on money for the Belgian Crown. Harvested by hand the Martian slaves on the plantations not only risk death from their masters whips but the deadly Chee'peech!

For King and Gumme

Francis Burton is the regional manger for the Qua Mee plantation region and has a small detachment of guards at his disposal. Commandant Peeters commands these troops.

Qua Mee canal town South West of Melas below Nya-Zaang sat on the Melas -Copratia (Melas Lacus) canal.

* Economic Type: Mercantile & Plantations
* Economic Vitality: Prosperous

*Attitude: Rebellious 
*Colonial Army:  Yes,
Poo-Hanna-Kitai (New Amsterdam)natives to counter the Melas locals
*Colonial Army Size:  Platoon
*Colonial Army Loyalty: Poorly Motivated

It has a small garrison which act as a police force more than anything else. The bulk of the troops come from Poo-Hanna-Kitai 3rd Platoon 2nd Company 4th Legion to try and limit mutinies. They are well armed with bolt action rifles and European NCO’s and officers. Their main job it to keep the Gumme trade safe from attack. It’s commanding officer is Commandant R'emi.
Relief Column
1st Section 1st Company Marines Du Canal
Captain Wouters
Captain Decker
Objectives of the Corprates forces: Rescue Commandant Coppens (District Official Tax & Administrator) & Robert Anderson (Trader) with his supply train.
Hold out till the Relief Column releaves the position.

The Martians
Lord Karrnash “The Spider” Tossian senior field officer commanding.
Tossian Emerald Guard
Tossian Heavy Cavalry
Hesperian Free Legion.
Objectives of the Hesperian Free Legion: Capture enemy officers, destroy all enemy troops, free all the slaves and capture the enemy weapons and supplies.

Something in the undergrowth.

The detachment of the 4th Legion on parade.

All is calm............
The table.