Thursday, 26 February 2015

Feb Update or No not another Martian Project !

I said I wasn't going to start any new projects this year, just finish those outstanding but......................

I've got the terrain bug again!

After some damage it was time for a refurb of the canal board plus adding a frame to try to stave off warping. This time a much darker and deeper colour for the clay/mud banks. After another coat it may get a dry brush of a lighter colour?
Martian outpost? From Amera Plastics. I've got to add a door to the rear on the upper level and maybe some shutters. Not a fort but a defendable "way station" for travellers on route through the steppes or deserts.

A ruined city idea? Maybe the city of Bordobaar? This may mean more games boards or free standing terrain?

Will the Martian madness ever stop? ; -)


  1. Wonderful!
    This is exactly what I needed to read about! Thanks Sir!
    I have been in a freezing pod too long now. Time to do some work on my own Martian Gameboard. Thanks for the pictures. I am looking foreward to see how your canal is working out.

  2. More than happy to wake you from the freezing pod Sir :)

  3. I like this a lot - all of it! Terrain bug are to be embrace when they strike :-)

    The ruined city would look really cool done up in the style of a Thark village on Barsoom!

    1. Thanks Paul, but you know my current work rate isn't full steam ahead ;) Hopefully it will be done before the end of the year........