Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fadath Battle The Field is Ours!

The Blue Jackets are trapped and turned to Martian mincemeat by rifle file and big pointy things carried by the Crocea butchers. Who now wield back to the centre.

 But the centre have broken and all is panic! Unluckily for them the red jacked Fadath Marines have fixed their sights on them.

The ‘True Shots’ not driven by blood lust and always the professionals can see the day is lost and make an orderly retreat to the canal bank.

The ‘True Shots’ and Marines give cover fire while the Oenotrians lucky enough to reach the canal board a supply boat for safety.


A Fadath victory and they did have the advantage of home ground but questions have to be asked number one of which is were the regular riflemen of Deadly Stingacting under the orders of Prince Hastuun to turn on the freed slave troops?.

Fadath Battle The Blood Flows

The Oenotrians Marines have had enough and make an orderly retreat as they repeatedly fail  difficult terrain rolls to reach the Cossacks and see their rear exposed to Nash’s men and Fadath support units on the cliff.

The Fadath Marines drive the Deadly Stingfrom the field with heavy rifle fire.
Skorosia Regular Infantry with halberds wield around the White Jackets left flank. But the Fadath Marines now free to aid their fellow freed slave brother take up position with their bolt action and lever rifles.

Oenotrian “True Shots” on the right flank remain in their position and thin out the advancing Fadath Blue Jackets with their own rifled muskets.

Nash brings down enough fire to causes the Ruumet Breehr to runs a muck amongst the remainder of the artillery.

Crocea Volunteers break from the centre of the field and wield right towards the Fadath Blue Jackets with spears lowered into position and large double bladed swords raised for action.


Oenotrian Volunteers engage the Fadath spears men the White Jackets and hold their own. But the Hesprian Free Company Command now join up with the spears man and lend moral support and rifles.

Friday, 25 January 2013

A break from the battle

Gumme Platation field:

My reasoning behind using these type of palm tree is that as the original source books doesn’t describe them and I didn’t want them to look like rubber trees on earth. So I picked these 25mm palms from Minibits in the UK with a blue hint to the leaves.

I’ve been trying to avoid too much green on my version of Mars to keep the look of a dying planet , I’ll leave the green to Venus.

But to avoid greenery all together is very limiting so I’m letting this be the exception to the rule. In their neat rows that don’t give a wild native look either. I put in a few of my work in progress Scots in for scale.A long side is a Venus tester terrain piece.


Fadath Battle Engaging the Oenotrian troops

Oenotrian forces advance but suffer heavy loses on their left flank. Its artillery are now pinned down buy sharp shooters and thinning quickly but manage to land a shot into the red jacketed infanty. The right flank holds and starts to inflict damage of the Fadath forces.

The centre mainly made up of choppers prepares for a charge.

([On a diceroll]A ‘wild card’ comes into action)and the Fadath regular musket unit rebels in favour for the Oenotrians. These troops are part of Prince Hastuun command. They turn on the Fadath rifle unit who are supporting the spears men.

The battlefield is much more clear now for the invaders and what they fearsed was a British & other European rifle force is in fact Martians.But things still aren't that simple as Nash Merryweather's scouts attacks the rear of the musketeers and sends them packing.

Fadath Battle Advancing Troops

Oenotrian forces quickly notice Fadath troops and what appears to be Red Devils approaching the by the West. They haven’t seen the Fadath troops on the cliff top or in the trees.

Lines are quickly drawn and a minor panic sets in with the Skorosian artillery to prepare an volley shot before the troops get any closer. They can’t get a clear shot for all the guns because of their own troops. But seemingly from nowhere their fellow gunners start to explode in front of them as the distinctive sounds of Ruumet Breehr Guns are heard. Followed by musket fire in the distance.

Oenotrian Marines & Volunteers, Astrapsk Levies, Crocea Volunteers, Skorosia Regulars advance of the approaching Fadath and their allies? As they do they comes under fire for the rocks above them.


Monday, 7 January 2013

Welcome to Fadath soil ,your not leaving sons of a wild Gashant!

South East of Fadath a long the Skorosia to Fadath canal is a rock out crop which shows a cliff face to the South .This has become a camp site for many over the years along the canal for those who don’t want to sleep on the water. A small canal priest temple was built here but is no longer in use.

Oenotrian troops from Skorosia are attempting to push North along the Skorosia-Fadath canal through Fadath territory.

Supply boats were tasked to meet here and resupply the advancing troops.

However since its last failed assault on the city the Fadath have added further reforms to their army. Rather than just relying on their ancient walls for defence it has with human mercenary training prepared for taking to the field for small to medium actions.

While the Skorosian forces advance on their ‘raiding’ campaign Fadath forces prepare for their arrival near the canal route. This will be an opportunity for the newly trained and equipped Fadath 1st Fadath Foot (Freemen of Fadath) and try to bond them with the Fadath regular army corps.

This expedition is as much for domestic political use as military.
Game information.

Fadath Forces:

Command Group-

Hesperian Free Company Breach loading Rifles and revolvers (6 men) Elite

Nash's Merryweather  Scouts Bolt Action Rifles (5)Elite

Cpt./капита́н Ivan's Cossacks Rifled Muskets sharp shooters (6) Elite

Deadly Sting-Martian Rifled Muskets ¼ Band (15 men ) Elite Regulars

1st Fadath Foot

First Line-Bolt Action and Breech Loading Rifles ¼ Band (15 men) Trained

Second Line-Martian Rifled Muskets ¼ Band (15 men) Trained

Two infantry support weapons. Trained

Third Line-Spearsmen ¼ Band (15 men) Trained

Two infantry support weapons. Trained

No Cavalry support.

Total 60+ men = 1 Band + a dozen or so human mercenaries

Oenotrian(Skorosia) Forces:

Command Group-

Oenotrian Marines-Martian Rifled Muskets (12 men)  Elite Troops

Oenotrian “True Shots” Rifled Muskets (12 men ) Elite Troops

Oenotrian Volunteers-Bladed Weapons (10 men) Elite Troops

Astrapsk Levies-Martian Smoothbore Muskets (10 men)

Crocea Volunteers-Bladed Weapons (15 men)

Skorosia Regular Infantry-Bladed Weapons (10 men)

Artillery 3xRod Guns 

Total 60+men =1 Band

Right hand side of the table is the West. To the North is the ‘cliff face’ where you can see where a lot of the death in the first rounds came from.The canal took up to much room for the size of the ‘domestic’ games table and made the small battlefield a bit of a blood bath but we wanted to test Martian troops with human rifles against more traditional Martian guns.

The deployment took place in three stages,Fadath first then Oenotrian the Fadath 'Ambush troops'.But more were held back for the roll of a die with a few surprises for later rounds, if lady luck is on the players side.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fadath forces and 2013 plans

Well the hoidays are over and yes I got a chance for a quick and bloody game in during the Christmas period.Once I've had chance to sift through over a hundred pics I'll post up what happened.

Sadly not much progress on the cloudship front,shame on me :(

I've included a few (poor quality,I know its the cheap camera.A better one would mean less new things to buy)pics of the almost complete Fadath force.The old army mainly made up of GW second hand LOTR's figs with conversions to make a musket rifle unit.The new army mainly from New Line Designs with minor conversions to hands and feet to give them a Martian look,with some humans thrown in as mercenaries.

Also included is a pic of the early stages of a Hill Martian tented camp.I bought (a while ago now)this cheap plastic 54mm Timpo Indian Teppe packswith the view to turning them into something like page 53 of Steppelords of Mars.Finally starting do something with them.

Workbench things to do 2013


To Finish:

Martian Cavalry 60%

Scots rifle section 30%

Imperial Russian unit 10%

Countesses Guard 10%

British Patrol Boat 10%

British Aerial Patrol Boat 70%

Large Martian Cloud ship 60%

Large Martian Cloudship 100%

Small Martian Cloudship 100%

Air Pirate skiff 70%

Martian Fortified Manor 60%

Hill Martian tented camp 90%

Martian baggage train with Martian wagons etc. 90%

New Projects for 2013:


Belgian Martian Force-European Officers, Martian Colonial Troops-platoon to company strength

Imperial Nippon Martian Forces -Officers and infantry.

Russian Imperial militia/armed workers/farmers

More cavalry for Mars

SOA Airship

Imperial German Airship

Imperial German Tripod unit

Martian city streets urban high status/former high status with towers

Venus Forces-Parrotmen(can’t have Venus without parrotmen no matter who’s canon you tend to follow)  more lizardmen, transport ,etc.

Buildings- Plantations, Trading Posts, Native villages/camps, urban areas , Ether Port.

Classic Sci-Fi

1950’s-1960’s space project revived. Minis ,buildings , space ships etc.

Some shots of the  Fadath First Foot. Freed slaves now serving in city state.