Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ruumet Breehr progress

Nearly there now.Horns added and base coat on.I think after all it will need to be put on a base then finished.No holter as in some pics in the source books,its to be walked as a pack animal not ridden. Part of a caravan /army supplies etc. I'm going with the blue rather than the brown in the book cover.

I'm not 100% happy with it but I think it looks more cow/sheep (as in the pics showing it without the holter and bit) than reptile.It will just have to do until someone comes out with a proper Ruumet Breehr.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cloudship Part2?

A plainfully slow project but I'm starting to get on with it again why waiting for Fadath freed slave troops undercoats are drying.
Gaps filled, rails cut down from the original Stars Wars model as they weren't to scale for 28mm.Shame as they were a nice shape.Decks being glued into place (plastic sheets from Slaters UK),but lots to do yet.Swivel gus,light cannons for the main deck,mounting for heavy cannon for the upper bow deck,fit the props to the rear,the stand,oh and painting!

The engine isn't glued into place yet just checking for size.

Monday, 12 November 2012

What a Ruumet Breehr ?

So with the chance of a Ruumet Breehr from RAFM on hold or off the table and the only other version in 15mm from Highland Studios I've gone back to my early attempt to convert one myself.So an ebay dino and it begins.

So it was cut the legs to give it a shorter look,cut and shorten the tail.Cut off the crest and use some of the horns for later then add green stuff and a baggage platform.Ready for the painting now, pics to follow next week if possible.

A very quick post

Just to try to keep me in the habit of regular posting, an update on progress so far with my Fadath army.Once again a very poor quality camera :( but what you can see are the command groups and a support unit.

The red tunic are a rifle unit mainly Martini Henry rifles,second line in blue rifled Martian muskets and in white officer and drummer of what will become a "chopper/cutters" unit.The core infantry in the post so I'm told.Right at the back is a jinal gun which has become a Ruumet Breehr Gun and as such light artillery.The stats for it give great distance and damage but little accuracy.After all in my fluff it was designed to bring down very big beasties,so no sniper rifle.But if it hits you its pretty much bye bye unless your in an armoured transport.I intend to have two of these support units.

These come from New Line Designs in the UK but can be bought direct from Pontoonier Miniatures in the US from their Burmese infantry line.They have been easier than I had thought to turn into canal Martians with a bit of green sluff for feet and hands with a paint job.