Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cloudship gutting and construction

Its been a very long time since I've been on the blog and I apear to of missed loads but this month I'm hoping to be able to find the time to redress this alittle.
So straight to the gutting of the Star Wars Tatooine Skiff.First unscrew and gut.

Then cut out the new decks for the cabin sections.

Then I worked on the main centre deck by removing part of the engine housing to put in a boiler and machine parts and added the main planking.Other modelers have extended the cabin sections at this point but for this model I want as much central deck accessible to miniatures and weapons.

Monday, 10 October 2011

What is a city without a wall?

Not many posts but I've been working away on VSF stuff and with the new Space 1889 books coming out this year I see interest growing.

The cheap version of gaming-glue&cork floor tiles.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Game 2 Part 04

The Martian infantry formations smash the ‘Thin Red Line’ with minimum of casualties and the Brits withdraw.

In my version of the Space 1889 rules, the Oenotrian shield guns are multi barrelled and at close range are fatal against unarmoured troops. A design they developed from their own technology after seeing human multi guns.

Though expensive they are cheaper than human rifles and most importantly (apart from the useful close quarters punch) they are not reliant on humans for supply.

These results bare out over half a dozen test games which we are happy with.It gives back some balance to the Martian forces against mass manufactured rifles, machine guns and more effective artillery from the armies of the ‘Great Powers’.

Game 2 Part 03

The Oenotrian Lancers defeat the allied native cavalry and press on the British lines.

On the right flank the Oenotrian Arrow formation engages the British infantry. They have crossed open ground with out any loss of men,the formation protecting them.

Game 2 Part 02

The cavalry engage one another ,while the heavy infantry advance towards the British positions.

Game 02 Part 01

The fleeing forces reach the area of the canal where Lord Hulmutex and his heavy infantry are waiting for his Cloud ship to be repaired. As soon as Hulmutex is told he orders his troops into battle formation.

The British Imperial forces arrive and quickly form up but the senior officers are concerned at the high number of heavy infantry.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Part 5 Game 01

Both sets of Gashant riders prepare to charge in this small area. But the scouts already have the initiative. The charge takes place but a rifle squad on the left flank fire into the Oenotrian Lancers and without the distance advantage their extra long lances are a disadvantage against the Hill Martian spears.

As the British infantry advance towards the canal the Martians begin to withdraw and the Shastapsh commander fails a bravery test. He flees leaving his and the Oenotrian troops only managing to bring the artillery with him and a hand full of men.

If he hadn’t failed he may have been able to stage a last minute counter action with a full unit of musketeers now on high ground and what is left of the other forces.

The second game we played will be posted over the week.

Part 4 Game 01

The attackers consider moving around the sides of the building but see a horror of snorting beasts heading in their direction. The Relief force enters the game lead by the Mounted Scouts Corps.

The raiders in the buildings begin to lose ground as a priest uses his staff and pistol waving scientist makes an impact on swordsmen.

As British Troops move in from the sides of station the musketeers retreat to prevent being out flanked. Cavalry and troops take up positions outside the station entrance.

Part 3 Game 01

As a Tossian Emerald Guard observer looks on the advance,the artillery is slowly moved into position. None of the buildings in the settlement can stand up to the freighting power of Rouge Guns. Fire from the station cuts down the advancing Martian troops at the station wall.

In the distance a lone rider can be seen on the horizon. The defenders fall back to the colonnades due to the volley fire. As this happens s two musketeers rush the narrow entrance but don’t count on fire from above and are cut down. The courtyard has become a killing ground.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Part 2 Game 01

Under the command of military officers the station staff man the walls.The Martian militia start to go house to house and the Hill Martian mercenaries attack the Tunstel warehouse. The militia muskets and the Oenotrian light infantry advance on the station building while Oenotrian Lancers form up at the end of the street. Some resistance is met by armed humans in the houses with some success.

Part 1 Game 01

In order to give balance to the game the defending player rolls to see if the main Martian force is delayed. He is lucky enough to get evens and Lord Hulmutex’s cloud ship suffers an engine problem and must stop 5miles away for repairs (Lucky Lee lol ).Must be the French steam engine or maybe the American propellers? His loyal heavy infantry refuse to go on without him and hold their position. Only his light infantry muskets go on with the Shastapsh Militia& Hill Martian mercenaries.

Martian forces disembark from rafts drawn by a canal barge and take up position.
Settlers and resident Martians run for cover. Colonial officers prepare to defend the station building. Martians begin to unload the artillery.

Cavalry enter from the North by the canal path.