Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I want to paint armies but only have time to glue things!

Here is my latest 'work in progress' Martian building.The apartment block is design for urban areas i.e. sections of cities,giving me some more height to the table and block out the back wall ;).

From what you can find online and in the source material their is limited European/human style buildings on Mars.Most humans convert Martian buildings to their own tastes.So this could be used for the 'Red Devils' or native Martians.

I've still a feeling that in parts of Mars were humans are in power government building may be in the Europen style like in India for example.But I'm not looking at building those at this time.They are after all more secure districts and less likely to have a full scale battle in the streets.

These are more aimed at my Fadath or Shastapsh plot lines.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Tossian Rife Unit Part 2

So there I was expecting a really busy weekend and all the plans fell though.Hurrah!"Quick before I get any new jobs to do" I said to myself.

Don't proceed with outstanding projects start the new one to see if its worth any further investment.

So the unit has been born.Still lots of work to do but its a green light.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Tossian Rifle Unit

Once again my plans for painting, converting and gaming have been thrown into chaos due to domestic 'issues'.In other words ladies!

Anyway while I've been unable to get my hands on some lead I've had time to think about a little project.Yes it will remain little and I must not let it get out of hand and grow into a new army.

Now in Space 1889 there are only two Martian Empires on the planet.Oenotrian Empire is pretty well freshed out and so are its armies. But what of the only true Martian empire that of Toss.The Tossian Empire must have some tradional units to rival their junior empire.So figure wise what could take on a Oenotrian Shield Gunner?

They would have to be armoured and likely with a gun of some sort.A second weapon like a sword maybe.I'd painted up some RAFM Shield Gunners as Tossians but while I like the Emerald paint look they just didn't work.

So to fit my thinking I've come up with this chap.

A Grenadier Dark Elf has an armoured style which fits the already given Martian armoured look.But its different enough to come from another region on the planet.The crossbow can be easily converted into a rifle and a few bits removed elsewhere to make it work.They could come in useful on the Nectar border against the Belgium Legions.I'm also thinking of a heavy cavalry unit to go with them.
All this means getting the time to do it.