Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I want to paint armies but only have time to glue things!

Here is my latest 'work in progress' Martian building.The apartment block is design for urban areas i.e. sections of cities,giving me some more height to the table and block out the back wall ;).

From what you can find online and in the source material their is limited European/human style buildings on Mars.Most humans convert Martian buildings to their own tastes.So this could be used for the 'Red Devils' or native Martians.

I've still a feeling that in parts of Mars were humans are in power government building may be in the Europen style like in India for example.But I'm not looking at building those at this time.They are after all more secure districts and less likely to have a full scale battle in the streets.

These are more aimed at my Fadath or Shastapsh plot lines.

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