Monday, 2 September 2013

Imperial Germans in the jungles of Venus

I know some of those who visit the blog and send me e-mails don't like posts that are unfinished projects but some days I have to get things online or it would be months until a post.So sorry here is another in progress post.

Those who looked at my project list from the start of the year may remember my plans for Venus games.Here is a start towards those in the respect of the Imperial German forces. This military camp will be protected from the local wild life with an electric fence.It consists of three barrack buildings,one office/telegraph/officers quarters and one powerstation/storehouse.

Yes they are made by my friend the cork tile again with some match sticks and PVA glue.Based on designs from Matakishi's Tea House with a few little changes of my own.Lots to do with it yet but at least its started.It was a very productive weekend.I even got some lead painted which was a nice change.

Edited 16/10/2013
Just a few pics of the "Overseers" huts in progress for a planned plantation.Not finished but some like to see in progress shots.

Compound with fence and now stilts and roofs on the buildings.Still more to do.

Edited 06/09/15 a little more added, but I'm having trouble with my cheap home made raised walk ways and may have to rethink or buy ready made mdf versions?


  1. Well, some others may complain about "unfinished work," but I like to see work in progress shots.

    Looks like a great camp. I have recently started working on my own Venusian buildings, but I am cheating - the buildings are 15mm Resin models from JR Miniature's Vietnam range. I like the whole 'up on stilts' look for Venus. It seems practical considering the torrential rains and occasional flooding hazard.

  2. Well you can't please everyone ;)At my age I aught stop trying lol I like a post of start to finish project with details of how to 'do it yoursel' but I rarely find the time to do it.Any spare time is required for painting and building.If lucky get a game in as well lol.

    Can't blame you for the quick route Sir look forward to seeing it :)

    I fully agree that 'up on stilts' is the ideal.I've been in the back garden clipping one of the lilac trees.I've worked out I want a min.of 12 per barrack building.No more than a inch in height though or it would pervent play in such a close formation.

    I'm thinking about raise walk ways but once again they could get in the way.I'll go 'up' in buildings for my plantation buildings (warehouses,overseers etc) as I've done for the Lizardmen huts.This camp has also to double for barracks at my planned "Luft Station" for later games.

    I've given the Germans credit that they chose a spot on a slightly higher elevation with better drainage.Well at least until I have a much ,much bigger table with multi level access ;)

  3. DLI - fine, inspirational stuff. I like the large windows.

    Oooh, I want to game on Venus...

  4. Why thank you Sir.

    Large windows are all the better for shooting out of but not keeping out big lizards ;)With all that cloud cover,rain,mist and trees a bit of light cheers a chap up far from home.Venus is a whole other world compared to Mars ;)

  5. That is an excellent camp. Well done sir.

  6. Thank you Pat :) Still alot to do to it before its finished.