Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bored with boards or April Update

Not much to report. I've been catching up with boards, enough for a few years me thinks! I've also been going through the lead pile, thinning out and trying to plan a painting schedule when I have the spare time.

As my better half put it "That's a nice pile of fire wood" bless her.

Planned to be a market place on the water front.

Yes I gave in and bought some In Her Majesty's Name. These will either become part of my forces or maybe a skirmish game related to my Space 1889 background? Not made my mind up yet. I think I should paint them first and worry about how to use them later.

Finally started sorting out my last big order from RAFM.

Bits and bods that have been slowly building up.

The Russian and Nippon Cavalry that didn't get started due to "events" beyond my control. Maybe this year?