Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Martian Tripod-April & May Update

Due to life,I missed my April blog and as usual I've only few finished things to show you but here are a selection of work in progress from last month and this.

City back drop.

As I'm limited to gaming space at the moment I've got round to covering up the blank white wall on one side of my table.This will work with buildings that are sitting elsewhere or have yet to be completed with a road way to be made of foam. I used the cork to try to fit in more with the buildings rather than just paint a background.Still lots to do but at least a 3 year project/idea has started.

A few bits of machinery for the Imperial Japanese and a Martian Tripod!!!??? or is it Vulcan???

They are sat on that Mesa which is yet to be finished ;) 

Some Martian lurkers which will be getting a further grey coating.