Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My version of the rebellion in Shastapsh Part 2

A Martian flag fly over the city once more.

Rebel militia supported by O’Keefe Rangers plus a Gatling gun advance on the French & Russian troops at the gate.

The Gatling gun is put to good use when in position to strafe the walls of defenders. This forces the British to fall back from giving cover and the French & Russian troops withdraw from the front of the gate. More rebels arrive pushing onto the gateway. Heavy casualties have been taken but soon the humans are over run and the walls taken.

If support had been given from the German Consulate things could have been different but not a shot was fired to help their fellow ‘Earthers’.
What now for the wounded, women and children?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My version of the rebellion in Shastapsh Part 1

Played 30th Dec 2011.Warning pic heavy .My version of the rebellion in Shastapsh. Driven on by Priests and other religious fanatics the population of the city raise up against their British rulers and the other humans in the city.
Both the French & Russian consuls are taken and the remainder of their representatives fall back to the British trading quarter to join British Army & Naval forces.