Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Test Game Part2

With the Oenotrian's only sending three sharp shooters forward seals the fate of the raid.Once they split from the Priest's men this seals their fate to.The Priest and his men have no firearms and against a pistol,two shotguns and a repeating rifle fall before they can make contact with the humans.The sharpe shooters soon turn against a well defended force no matter its size.The day leaves the Brits a little shakened but not stired ;)The Martians will return to the region to push the Brits out.

Test Game 01 2010

First off seasons greetings to one and all.
I've been rather busy with family things and the odd party or two.But I just managed to squeeze in a test game before the new year.

I dragged a pal over with the promise of drink with a game.As you will see I haven't got all my Martians finished yet so this was a small bash.A Ground Cleanser priest leading a small force sometime after the Shastapsh upraising agaist a farmstead and an abandoned station.But unlucky for the raiders a squad of British soldiers are camped there as part of a scouting force and the local Inspector of the Royal Martian Constabulary is warning the farmers of the risks remaining in the area.

The Oenotrian troops make up the main force of the raiding party and are less keen to take on an unknown number of British troops than the Hill Martians with the Priest.

Friday, 10 December 2010

The Martian Legions have landed

Finally those Brave Martians havde had their way across the Atlantic and battled the snows in Britain to get here.So when not being dragged out by my better half x-mass shopping etc I'll be under coating and then cracking on with painting them before our planned battle during the end of year hols.Hurrah!