Monday, 30 December 2013

Waterborne Battles Space 1889

Another new project and the year hasn't ended yet! I need stronger tablets ;)

Some time ago I had an interesting and enjoyable debate with another Space 1889 fan about waterborne battles on Mars.  My contention was that these were not likely to be very common on the canal systems and that land and air based battles were more common. With a suitable aircraft you could control a water route to unwanted surface vessels. As always I could be wrong, so why not give it a go and have fun doing it.

So I decided to go back to the original source books and see I we could come up with in a game.

Two options sprang immediately to mind, a canal battle themselves or a ship battle in the Gosklimsk (or some other water body)swamp or a similar body of water.

Option 1-Straight forward boat to boat battle with possible canal bank support.

Option 2-Pirate style boarding game with a large canal barge (Beastmen of Mars page 25 or More Tales from the Ether page 8) assaulted by smaller vessels to seize passengers, goods and the barge.

So while only in the very early stages of planning I've started to put together a little fleet. With all my paints, glues and tools restricted until after Jan 1st and only the kitchen to play in I've only been able to make some cotton sail for them. I'll be adding a few bits and bobs later. Simple flat bottomed cargo / troop transports. The canal barge will be a challenge in a few ways.

I'm chomping at the bit for a Venus jungle game which was delayed due to my PC giving up the ghost on the 19th. So this week I hoping to get that game in and unpack my hobby bits and start painting etc again.

The boats are from PMC , the red sailed one I've had a while but the other 4 are all new. I've been told PMC are selling to another company ? I know from the TMP site some have had problems with them. All I can say is that their products are great and I haven't had any problems to date. I only  bought two boats and got two free which is always something to put a smile on your face.
So back to watching crappy movies on telly :(

Happy New Year Folks :)

PS I've gone over 10,000 views according to the website. Have I really read my own stuff that many times ;) lol . Thank you to all those people :)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Seasons Greetings to all.

I've come out of bah humbug mode early for some reason. My paint and lead have been put away (under protest)following instructions from the "boss". But I've things to finish woman!

So while online let me take the opportunity to wish all a Merry Christmas/Yule Tide and Happy New Year.
May your God, Gods or Richard Dawkins go with you :)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

2014 Projects and plans

So the end of another year,well almost.Still no wiser with age nor wealthier :(

I repeat this statement:"Sadly not much progress on the cloudship front,shame on me


So what for 2014?Stop getting carried away on new things (how likely is that?)and finish all the outstanding projects!

Workbench things to do 2013


To Finish:

Martian Cavalry 60%-Finish but I've bought some more for 2014......fool!Another 45 Gashants.Which are somewhere in a UK customs store at the moment.According to a letter/tax import bill I got yesterday.No chance of them seeing the table with less than three weekends to paint them.But at least they are closer to home :)

Scots rifle section 30% -Finished

Imperial Russian unit 10%-Finished but I'd like some cavalry in 2014.We'll have to see.

Countesses Guard 10%-Finished.

British Patrol Boat 10%-Finished.

British Aerial Patrol Boat 70%-Finished but not happy with the stand.

Large Martian Cloud ship 60%-About 80% done but I'm finding it hard going.I keep hinting strength and weight problems combined with balance.

Large Martian Cloudship 100%-See above.

Small Martian Cloudship 100%-See above.

Air Pirate skiff 70%-90%- See above.

Martian Fortified Manor 60%-No further than before,having problems with the angled walls.

Hill Martian tented camp 90%-Finished.

Martian baggage train with Martian wagons etc. 90%-No further progress.

New Projects for 2013:


Belgian Martian Force-European Officers, Martian Colonial Troops-platoon to company strength-Finished.

Imperial Nippon Martian Forces -Officers and infantry.-Not started yet.2014 maybe.I've sourced the minis I think will do the job from Copplestone and Oshiro.I've seen others this year us them to great effect.

Russian Imperial militia/armed workers/farmers-Not started yet.2014 maybe,Copplestone are favorite for some of these.

More cavalry for Mars-Please see above.RAFM minis have landed on UK soil,hurrah!

SOA Airship-Started but the core model (Golden Compass airship)was too heavy.I'm looking for something else to replace it.

Imperial German Airship-Started but hit a snag.The carriage needs redesigning,the blimp is too small really but I just can't find anything bigger than the Revell Hindenburg model.


Imperial German Tripod unit-1 tripod finished.For now one will have to do.

Martian city streets urban high status/former high status with towers-Well more buildings in cork.I still haven't added wall lights etc.More a case of how to avoid breakage when storing away.

Venus Forces-Parrotmen(can’t have Venus without parrotmen no matter who’s canon you tend to follow) more lizardmen, transport ,etc.-Well I started them but the whole unit isn't fully finished yet.

Buildings- Plantations, Trading Posts, Native villages/camps, urban areas , Ether Port.-Well I've made some advances on these as you will know if you have been following the blog.But while I've sourced all the bits and finished some there are some big buildings yet to be finished.Nor have I started on the Parrotmen village.I've the bits but haven't got round to putting them together.Blame the lizardman for that lol.

As you can see a pile of Choas!

Its needs finshing and clearing for a game/games later in the month.

You really don't want to know what the foam is for.......a Martian temple idea.No new projects....yah!

Classic Sci-Fi

1950’s-1960’s space project revived. Minis ,buildings , space ships etc.-I've sourced possible suitable minis but VSF has kept me busy.

Blog tidy 2013

Just a quick note on the blog.You'll notice the red background has gone.So many people seem to find it hard on the eyes.
Hopefully this dulled down look is more pleasing.The "Followers" section doesn't seem to be functioning very well.Some can't find it  (it doesn't show up on my screen either for some reason?)and others can't seem to join using the click logo.
Goggle hasn't got back to me on this.Please contact me direct and I'll add your details.

If anyone has any more problems with the page please let me know.I'm a bit of a technoprobe but I will try.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dec Hobby Update-No Giant Chickens Yet :(

Just a brief update on what I've been upto over the last couple of weekends.So the other day I collected the already painted wee men and the recently finished ones for a 'mass varnish' and hurrah I had lizards too.Alright I'm still not happy with the ones I bought but its hard to find many that match the source material.So they will have to do.Besides what does it matter if your a young German soldier alone,lost in the jungles of Venus,a lizardman is just as deadly no matter what he looks like!

Sadly it doesn't look like my RAFM Gashants and the rest of the order is going to get to me before Christmas.They still have to make their way from the US and then we have the Royal Mail Christmas delays to look forward to :(. Though I bet my credit card transaction for the import tax goes straight through without delays!!!

So change of plan and we are going a Venus game/games early and leave the Belgian Coprates games till next year.No not all my Venus things are finished but I'd rather start with them than start a Coprates game with Tossian heavy cavalry.

So I've sketched out to games and set them to the other players and well see what the next few weeks bring.I'll be getting my instructions to pack everything away over crimbo anyway lol
The few days between X-Mass and the New Year may require losts of plastic plants on bases to come out of storage boxes.To add to this rarerly seen Germans,Russians,a army of an Evil Mastermind and the Brits on the table.

Below are some pics of a rather chilly morning and the varnished hoard.
So starting from the right hand upper corner clockwise with have Royal Marines from the Perry brothers,Belgian Marnies from War Games Foundry,Belgian officers & NCO's,bottom left hand corner civilians from Foundry to my little Tossian force of riflemen.

In the centre more Foundry from the Darkest Africa range and a Lledo carriage which will have a Gashant added to it in time.

At the very bottom of the pic you can seen some lizards and a rouge RAFM colonial soldier for a rebel unit.



Monday, 11 November 2013

General Hobby Update-Venus coral pyramid & Tossian cavalry come in the post.

Today saw my Italian order from Mirliton turn up.Now I have my Tossian riders and all they need now is my Gashants from RAFM. Then I can start my Belgian Coprate games.Hopefully before X-Mass.
It is in fact my single most expensive order of white metal for one unit and now I'm left with 11 reptile mounts which I can't think a use for :(

During the weekend I started yet another project,yes the same old habit of starting one before others are finished.A Venus coral pyramid based on the one descrided in one of the new Space 1889 books(Space: 1889 & Beyond—Leviathans in the Clouds) so I'm told,be it a little smaller.I'm looking at adding some pillars and I'm looking for a new source of Hirst blocks seeing the last fellow has just packed up :(

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Revolt in Fadath Part 5

Revolt in Fadath Part 5

Now the marines,cadets and Deadly Sting have joined up but the sound of drums and bugles of the 1st Fadath Foot are heard from the other side of the wall.

Up the steps

Major Grovenor and the remainder of his men hold the middle part of the tower and the doorway to the wall.The Princess and her brother in law hold the top of the tower and can see help coming.

The Fadath 1st Foot come into sight and enter the game.

Four companies of freed slave troops of the city's new army make their way to the palace gate.

Hope at last for the Princess.

Sections of four companies of the 1st Fadath Foot.The others are still fighting elsewhere in the city against the rebels.

Game details.

Fadath Loyalists

The Deadly Sting(H) 1 Officer 14men

Army & Fleet Academy (H) Officer cadets 10men

Palace Guard (H) 10men

Royal Armouries Guard (H)10men

Royal Marines (K-)5men

Kristyaana's  (Gisra's )Shield (K-)1Officer 12men

Total of Loyalists 72

Fadath Roylists

Freemen of Fadath-(1st Fadath Foot)

1st Company Rifle Line (The Guards) 2 officers 13men

2nd Company Musket Line 3 officers men 12men

3rd Company Spears Line 2 officers 13men

1st Fadath Marine Company 2 officers 13men


Grovener's Rifles 2 Officers 10men on the walls

Cossacks 2 Officers 4men at the gate

4 HBTC Guards on the gate


Swift Death 1 Officer 31men

Dooms End 1 Officers 17men

Melas Royal Bodyguards

Melas Royal Bodyguard 1 officer 7men

Total of Royalist forces 140  - 60 of which are relief forces. 80 Royalist troops in the palace.

Objective hold the Princess and kill as many traitors as possible or free the Princess until the 1st Fadath Foot relieve Royalist forces.

I commanded the Loyalist forces of Prince Hastuun.
Lee ran the Royalists of Princess K

NB. Poor Lee forgot he had placed more archers in another building within the palace courtyard and never played them. I playing the ‘baddy’ didn’t remind him until after the game,over a port ;)

Revolt in Fadath Part 4

Revolt in Fadath Part 4
Less photo's in this one.You must be getting bored ;)

The Deadly Sting take the gate.

The remaining Cossacks keep their heads down.

The Royal bodyguard fall to a hail of shots.

 Onwards and upwards!

Revolt in Fadath Part 3

 Revolt in Fadath Part 3

So to save the prolonged pain of weekly posts here comes the remaining parts of the game.4 and 5 are lighter but this one is still pic heavy.

The princess leaving by the front door.Under the fire of Army and Fleet cadets.

What's this?The Deadly Sting.But shouldn't they be elsewhere in the city?

Keep your heads down you Russian chaps!

The Deadly Sting bring welcome relief to the rebels but they carry dread news of the fight elsewhere in the city.Things have not gone well and according to the plan......

The "Fadath Whore is getting away" "Follow me!"

The cadets chase the Princess.


Run sister "Run!

Turn the Mitrailleuse around quick!

Too late!

Hold the line! The Melas bodyguard stand their ground.


The Deadly Sting are joined by a handful of the old Fadath marines.

Shot vs blade

Gun fire from all sides!The cadets close in of the left flank.

A bit of a bloodbath!

Come out Cossacks where ever you are!The old marines are keen.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Revolt in Fadath Part 2

Revolt in Fadath Part 2

Warning very pic heavy!
(Sorry its late but the same time sharing problems of life and hobbies as normal.No write up as such just notes to the pics)


Some of the Swift Death enter the Princesses private quarters in a bid to free her.

The Palace Guard and Swift Death clash!

Not a good idea to charge a Miltailleuse gun head on.Heavy armour is no match for French fire power and Kristyaana's Shield are cut down.

What's left after the Princess escapes with her bodyguard and brother in law.

Hand to hand combat.

The forces of the Prince and Princess secure another building and the rebel Palace Guard fall.

The Army & Fleet cadets with deadly aim over the courtyard of the New Palace.

The men of the École d' de l'artillerie turn the Miltailleuse around to face into the palace court yard and towards the fighting.

The Princesses guard fleeing in the direction of the main gate.


Protect the Princess at all costs!

Fire is still directed toward the fleeing Royal Household.While the Grovener's Rifles try to pin the cadets down.

Closer to safety but not safe yet!