Monday, 4 November 2013

Revolt in Fadath Part 2

Revolt in Fadath Part 2

Warning very pic heavy!
(Sorry its late but the same time sharing problems of life and hobbies as normal.No write up as such just notes to the pics)


Some of the Swift Death enter the Princesses private quarters in a bid to free her.

The Palace Guard and Swift Death clash!

Not a good idea to charge a Miltailleuse gun head on.Heavy armour is no match for French fire power and Kristyaana's Shield are cut down.

What's left after the Princess escapes with her bodyguard and brother in law.

Hand to hand combat.

The forces of the Prince and Princess secure another building and the rebel Palace Guard fall.

The Army & Fleet cadets with deadly aim over the courtyard of the New Palace.

The men of the École d' de l'artillerie turn the Miltailleuse around to face into the palace court yard and towards the fighting.

The Princesses guard fleeing in the direction of the main gate.


Protect the Princess at all costs!

Fire is still directed toward the fleeing Royal Household.While the Grovener's Rifles try to pin the cadets down.

Closer to safety but not safe yet!



  1. Great looking place...and figures!

  2. Thank you Phil,but the 'Old Guard' Fadath troops are second hand GW LOTR and the buildings are cork.You have to cut back on something when your building up lead piles lol.Later in the game posts you'll see where most of my 'fadath budget' was spent on ;)

    Once again I hope to get the rest of the game up on the next weekend.My planned Belgian Coprates games are still on hold do to a well known Italian company who are gragging their heals of my Tossian cavalry order.Plus I'm hoping for a herd (is herd the right term or would it be flock?) of Gashant from RAFM.

    ......and then there is the Venus projects.Not everything will be finish for the end of the year!lol