Monday, 11 November 2013

General Hobby Update-Venus coral pyramid & Tossian cavalry come in the post.

Today saw my Italian order from Mirliton turn up.Now I have my Tossian riders and all they need now is my Gashants from RAFM. Then I can start my Belgian Coprate games.Hopefully before X-Mass.
It is in fact my single most expensive order of white metal for one unit and now I'm left with 11 reptile mounts which I can't think a use for :(

During the weekend I started yet another project,yes the same old habit of starting one before others are finished.A Venus coral pyramid based on the one descrided in one of the new Space 1889 books(Space: 1889 & Beyond—Leviathans in the Clouds) so I'm told,be it a little smaller.I'm looking at adding some pillars and I'm looking for a new source of Hirst blocks seeing the last fellow has just packed up :(


  1. You and I think alike, old son. Old Grenadier/Mirliton Elves are precisely what I plan to use for my Tossians. It's uncanny...

  2. I'm hoping they will match nicely with the little rifle unit I did a while back.But I'm sure my cavalry won't be a patch on yours Sir.I'm not worthy to clean your paint brushes :)