Sunday, 31 March 2013

Just to show everything hasn't stopped

Just a quick one to show willing this month.My other hobbies have dragged me away from the painting table.......again.
As you can see another pile of lead has built up.Warlord American Indians and Ironclad Martians having turbans and toes added to them before painting.They are planned to be units of Shastapsh's Black Flag which are all armed with rifled muskets.

The europeans on the left are the finishing units for my mercenaires of the HBTC/HFC for the city of Fadath and on the right the  Belgian Coprates officers and native levies.Officers from Wargames Foundry and natives another batch from Newline minis.

Also an almost completed converted Hill Martian tent,just a tiny bit of martian red sand to add with paint.I now know it can work and will forge ahead with more for a camp layout.
Last but not least my work in progress for a 28mm Steppe Tiger,green stuff is starting to become my friend with some trial and error.