Wednesday, 16 November 2016

November Update or the missing August and October blogs

Nov Blog 2016
Well to those regular visitors you will have noticed I haven’t blogged for a few months. The word and reason is work BOO!

I’ve been doing bits and bods but only the grunt work for a number of ongoing projects. I’ve even started a new one…………………………………you fool! My version of the Emerald Palace of Syrtis Major (Stafraana).

Very little is mentioned about it in the original source material apart from the palace it's self is built of  pale green Meroe limestone. From the maps old and new it sites next to/adjoining the ruined Royal Palace and its ground plan is a rectangle on NW to SE axis. I see it as a courted area around an octagon which has some Martian architectural themes.Three of it's gates have been pulled down to remove its defensive use and consists of one residence/throne room of Amraamtaba X.A stable block and bodyguards barracks.Then a kitchen,storage and servants quarters block. This is surrounded by ruins of the main palace and private dwellings never repaired after the taking of the city by the British.

My lead pile has started to grow again………………..not good as they should be on the painting board or better the gaming table.

It’s looking like I won’t get any games this X-Mass, at least not here and VSF. Any spare time needs to go into getting things finished.

So sorry for the scant offering, I had said to myself would get a blog out a month this year but alas if I’m not at home I can’t do much. Trying to paint and use green stuff at work isn't that easy. Anyway hoping for a more productive 2017 and some table top VSF games……….please oh great gaming god master of the dice!!!