Thursday, 22 December 2016

Dec 2016 Martian News and Seasons Greetings

So here we are not much further than last year,mainly because I keep taking on more than I can chew.

What are next years plans? Well pretty much the same as this year. Finish outstanding projects and try not to start any more.

So that would be:

  • The British Residency (Partly constructed kit and scratch build)
  • The Martian Villa/8 sided Manor House (Party constructed scratch build)
  • The Emerald Palace (Partly constructed scratch build)
  • The Martian City Sewers (Base boards finished ready for kit build and painting)
  • The Martian Temple complexes, above ground (below completed unless I want to extend it)
  • The Martian Docks/Quay+Canal Walls (Partly constructed from a scratch build)
  • The Martian multi level street section (Partly constructed from a scratch build)
  • The Ruined Martian City (Partly constructed from kits and scratch built)
  • "Pimp up" my cloudships and finish my outstanding bits.
  • Venus Landing Field (Parts collected)
  • Venus "Birdmen" village (Partly completed scratch build)
  • Venus German jungle base (Partly completed scratch build,still having problems with the walkways)
  • Venus Airship to finish as well.
  • All outstanding armies/factions to finish painting.Roughly 200-300 minis.Infantry,Cavalry and civilians, human, Martian and a creature or two.

Oh yes get the games planned for some years now played ;) lol

Any way below is the current painting board. Some new and some brought back for changes in bases etc.

EEEEKKKK!!!! So far behind.....

Produce bins. A quick and simple use of coffee cups to give somewhere to store Mar's gain (or what ever they eat as the main crop, we don't really know from the source material) a bit of paint and sand with a dash of coloured paint. A box of cocktail sticks,brown nylon thread and three little bits of square wood. Excluding drying time a 30 minutes job. They need a jug or bucket on the "rope"and the job done.

A few "roof tops" to go towards some buildings.

A little addition to the gardens British Residence (still under construction) , only little bits and bobs due to lack of free time.
I wish you all well and may your God,Gods or Richard Dawkins go with you.

Happy New Year and many happy gaming and hobby days in 2017.

A big thank you to my better half for letting me play with toys "at your age",keeps me out of trouble darling ;)