Thursday, 25 December 2014

2014 Review and 2015 Plans

Review of 2014 and 2015 plans and projects.

2014 A little further on the cloudship front but still lots to do to finish the fleet.

So what for 2015? In a nut shell finish all the outstanding projects!


While I promised myself not to start anything new I did but I got some of the projects finished and others close to their completion. Some of those below I haven't touch all year due to lack of time and adding new things to the Space 1889 world.

To Finish:

Imperial Nippon Gunship to build.


Martian Cloudship fleet to complete ,at least three more ships.


Air Pirate skiff 70%-90%- See above.


Martian Fortified Manor 60%-No further than before, having problems with the angled walls.


Hill Martian tented camp 90%-finished ,but still to complete.


Martian baggage train with Martian wagons etc. 90%-finished.No further progress.

Imperial Nippon Martian Forces -Cavalry.-Not started yet. Bought the riders this year from Copplestone but waiting for the Gashants from RAFM.

Just to show the idea a few spare Gashants from the lead pile (left over from the native Martian mercenary cavalry project)while I await the overseas post with the fresh mounts.

Russian Imperial Cossack Cavalry, Militia/armed workers/farmers-Not started yet maybe from Copplestone.Not started yet. Bought the riders this year from Old Gory but waiting for the Gashants from RAFM.

SOA Airship-Started but the core model (Golden Compass airship) was too heavy.I'm looking for something else to replace it.
Imperial German Airship-Started but hit a snag.The carriage needs redesigning, the blimp is too small really but I just can't find anything bigger than the Revell Hindenburg model.


Martian city streets urban high status/former high status with towers-Well more buildings in cork.I still haven't added wall lights etc. More a case of how to avoid breakage when storing away. Plus retexturing the walls and maybe a colour change?

Revamp my canal section and dock. Still in bits after replacing the papermahcet with foam.


Venus Forces-Parrotmen(can’t have Venus without parrotmen no matter who’s canon you tend to follow) more lizardmen, transport ,etc.-Well I started them but the whole unit isn't fully finished yet.


Buildings- Plantations, Trading Posts, Native villages/camps, urban areas , Ether Port.-Well I've made some advances on these as you will know if you have been following the blog.But while I've sourced all the bits and finished some there are some big buildings yet to be finished. Nor have I started on the Parrotmen village. I've the bits but haven't got round to putting them together. Blame the lizardman for that lol.

Classic Sci-Fi

1950’s-1960’s space project revived. Minis ,buildings , space ships etc.-I've sourced possible suitable minis but VSF has kept me busy maybe this year?.

So lots of things didn’t get finished this year but should keep me busy for next year. Once again time is a key factor and when I can I try to put the time in. If I get some progress of any of these I will of cause let you know on my humble blog.

May the holiday season find you all well and next year see your gaming wishes come true. I
wish all a Merry Christmas/Yule Tide and Happy New Year.May your God, Gods or Richard Dawkins go with you :)



Friday, 14 November 2014

Nov update.I'm not dead!More Martians on the way!

A very brief update to show I'm not dead but very busy work wise :(
All ready for the varnish.

Last of the Nippon infantry. Cavalry next year.

Friday, 29 August 2014

From the Martian shipyards or August Update

I've really been under the yoke this month but here are a few things I've been working on.

On the left a marine of the evil mastermind "The Professor" , British Artillery in the older service uniforms and Imperial Nippon sailors and officer.

A new shipment of liftwood has reached the shipyards. I've started on a Swiftwood kite.

Really behind on all my projects due to domestic matters and work but still doing a bit :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Martian Cloudships the DLI way! Inspired by Space 1889

I was going to wait to publish these until they were finished but due to public demand ;) and this weekend looks blocked up to work on them again here is a brief WIP.

So after many years I got round to building (carving) some Martian cloudships.
They lack the game stands at the moment but here are the three that have completed the construction faze and await a little bit of decoration.




Light crafts in the game and not able to stand up to ironclad gunships but a fun addition and can be used in games for allsorts of tricky Martian plots!

What you will need if you are thinking of having a go yourself. You will need a copy of Sky Galleons of Mars and possible Ironclad and the original Space 1889. If you go for the pdfs it is easier to print off the plans as you would expect.
Balsa wood sheets
Balsa wood blocks 3" by 12"
Balsa wood strips

Wood glue/pva

1xpacket of map pins
Craft knife
Fine tooth saw
Sandpaper and block
Here is the printing 1" scale plans of the Fleetfoot and Smallbird as you can see the deck for the small bird has been cut from balsa sheets and will be placed onto a balsa block later to give the cloudship body. But I used layers of balsa sheets for the Fleetfoot which was a quicker process excluding the glue drying stages. This method a voids heavy carving and is much cheaper in materials.

Here the Clearsight is matched to the deck for its first cut out. It like the Smallbird will made from the balsa blocks.

A scored block with its first sections removed based on the Clearsight. I learnt very quickly to take a little off the block at a time. The balsa doesn't forgive a heavy hand. Nor does it like someone working against its grain.

The basic shapes finished. I used the deck as the carving guide working my way down and around to achieve a shape close to the published specs. These three are basically two semicircles joined with a rectangle in the centre. If you take too much off you can add bit to the form with wood glue and sand it into the desired shape.
Balsa as you'll know or have guessed is a thirsty beastie and these three cloudships soaked up a small tin of black radiator paint and still wanted more.

Placing the pins as a guide to the top rail.

The upper deck dry brushed with the centre rail now glued in place. You maybe able to make out the inset liftwood panels. Unlike the Fleetfoot and Clearsight I added inserts rather than score the panels or paint the individual sheets.

The Clearsight original prop now added to the Fleetfoot the out rig still to add.

The bizarre paint work inspired by a painting from Sky Galleons of Mars. The two new propellers added. All the rails in place and painted.

The main part of the Fleetfoot ready for the out rig. Note the upright shown in Space 1889 but not mentioned anywhere in the specs. It not clear what this would do on the cloudship?

Placing a mini and light guns on the deck to test the layout.

Below the Smallbird reaching completion , still needing the props adding and the rail and hull painting in the final colours. The three traditional guns added. 1xRouge and two sweepers (swivel) guns.
They are far from perfect but for a first time I'm rather happy with the basic crafts. They have been on the books for such a long time it was good to see them in 3D.


Construction Errors

The Clearsight its detailed as much as the Fleetfoot or Smallbird and while they have drawing in the source material all you get for the Clearsight is the specs in Sky Galleons.
No details of how many props are their positions. It is here I found my major error. I mounted a single central propeller but the standard gun placements have a light gun firing from behind the prop. Now this black power weapon once fired from this rear hull position would make a nasty mess of your cloud ship and bring it to a halt. So after the light bulb went on I followed the Smallbird example of two props either side of the stern.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Martian July 2014 Work Bench

While taking a brief break from the shipyards of Crocea I've finished off another batch of recruits for various factions on Mars. Replacements for Oenotrian levies(the old have been added to the Shastapsh levies to form part of one of the flags), some more legionaries and a marine  , Hill Martians 'tribal' cavalry , and a couple more of the Black Flag.

I was tempted to show you all pics of my progress so far of the Martian cloadship but I've thought better and intend to show the completed ships minus bases soon and altogether. I would of finished most of the painting this weekend but 'the powers that be' "she who must be obeyed" has me visiting her family this weekend. Just one major structure build of the our rigger for the Fleetfoot then finish all the painting ,add guns and banners. That will finish the Fleetfoot, Smallbird and Clearsight.I'll have to put the Swiftwood on hold for a bit :(

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Martian Cloudships!

Martian cloudships! Can it be true. The very things that drew me to Space 1889 through pictures from the London Warlords. Surely not?
For those who have followed my blog for a while know that my track record on fly craft for my Space 1889 games isn't shinning. I've four ships still in the docks awaiting completion but the recent thread on the Lead Adventurers Forum sent me in to heights of uncontrollable giddiness.
So while restricted in my current painting due to domestic duties. I went out and spent some Amazon vouchers on some balsa wood packs.
So here is only a teaser of what may come if all goes well.

A Fleetfoot and Smallbird only two of the four planned in this rushed 'MAD' project.



The other two a Clearsight and Swiftwood if I can keep the momentum going and get my wee chap painting still on track. Please no more wall papering! The house is fine.

Monday, 2 June 2014

HLBS General Guns Enquiry

HLBS General Guns Enquiry

Hopefully this will answer the question.

The HLBS link below

Friday, 30 May 2014

I've been a busy little boy!

Some rebasing and new fellows to add to my British forces -1st Moeris Lacus Foot-'Strides in Glory', more Martians and some bits and bobs for other factions like the Red Captains and Fadath.

I picked out these chaps to high light my Shastapsh forces. Not forgotten and have been slowly building for future games. Four members of the Black Flag ex-dockers and air sailors that are seen wearing 'liberated' naval coats and other human clothing. They with the city municipal  guard  form the cities strongest and best equipped Flag (Band). The colour of the Shastapsh turban isn't mentioned in the source material (unless I missed it) so I went with red but as some of these chaps are sailors from elsewhere on Mars I've a few other colours which can't been seen here.

Edited 03/06/14 and now for a bit of transport. Still work in progress but it gives you the idea. The drivers are Gatling gunners from Rapier Miniatures.

Edited 05/06/14 A little bit of green stuff to finish off this Boreosyrtis League  marine.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lead Sales May 2014

I've been going through my unfinished projects and unwanted spares today.
So below are some pics of minis for sale.
I'm selling them direct through paypal because e-bay has made it impossible for small sales now. The last one I did on e-bay cost me money rather than at least getting my costs back.

The price list below is as fair as I can do it. I'm not making anything on them just trying to recoup a little  back on items that just sat in boxes that aren't going to get used.
For all free standing civilian and infantry figs £1.00 +post and packing.
Cavalry £3.00 per mount + post and packing.
Sorry all items are sent registered post to make sure you get them.

Send me your paypal e-mail address and I send you a paypal invoice for the combined amounts plus postage and postage. You will be provided with a tracking number once the item is posted. I'm happy to quote you in advance on request.

1st Class Recorded £2.50
2nd Class Recorded £2.00
Based on current (17/05/14) large letters/small parcel prices plus packing.

An additional 25p per figure postage charge up to the maximum postage and packing cost of £5.00.I will not charge beyond this price regardless the number of minis you buy in one transaction.

Exempt to this deal is the Mirliton sale which due to weight will be sold on a different postage rate. There is a lot of lead/white metal in each one of the mounts so they will be charged per item but I’ll try to cheap it as reasonable as possible. I'll give you a quote on the on request. Or a one off deal of £40.00 postage and packing included for all ten mounts is on offer. Please note this is only for the mounts as I've used the riders for one of my Tossian projects.

All items are now open to offers!05/06/14

Mirliton Dark Elf reptile mounts.
10x £3.00 each plus post and packing. £40.00 for all ten postage and packing included. Riders are not included.

Many Wargames Foundry Dark Africa range 1-11
£1.00 each+post and packing. Now sold.

10xAdvancing infantry still available.
1xNCO Now sold.
1xOfficer Now sold.
£1.00 each +post and packing

Senior Officer on far right hand side £1.00 plus post and packing.Now sold.

RAFM and Citadel
1,2.3 and 5- Wood Elf and hooded mummy type figure with dagger (other like it used by me as worm priests.Now sold. ) , Martian infantry officer, scout/tracker/infantry Martian with rifle still available .£1.00 each plus post and packing.
No. 4 . £3.00 for Gashant (Officer rider included in price)+postage and packing

Still available


Copplestone parts, two eastern swords and umbrella and parasol. 50p for all 4 items plus postage and packing. Now sold.

Three Wargames Foundry arms 2 holding revolvers 1 hold binoculars ,1 Oshiro arm holding revolver.50p for all 4 items plus post and packing. Now sold.

GW LOTR minis 1x Elf. £1.00 plus post and packing.

Three white metal alliance type armoured warriors.£1.00 each plus post and packing. You can have the plastic 3 for free.

If you have any questions please ask.
If you want to offer me a deal on everything let me know.
Sorry UK sales only.
Please remember I'm not a company just a private seller.