Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lead Sales May 2014

I've been going through my unfinished projects and unwanted spares today.
So below are some pics of minis for sale.
I'm selling them direct through paypal because e-bay has made it impossible for small sales now. The last one I did on e-bay cost me money rather than at least getting my costs back.

The price list below is as fair as I can do it. I'm not making anything on them just trying to recoup a little  back on items that just sat in boxes that aren't going to get used.
For all free standing civilian and infantry figs £1.00 +post and packing.
Cavalry £3.00 per mount + post and packing.
Sorry all items are sent registered post to make sure you get them.

Send me your paypal e-mail address and I send you a paypal invoice for the combined amounts plus postage and postage. You will be provided with a tracking number once the item is posted. I'm happy to quote you in advance on request.

1st Class Recorded £2.50
2nd Class Recorded £2.00
Based on current (17/05/14) large letters/small parcel prices plus packing.

An additional 25p per figure postage charge up to the maximum postage and packing cost of £5.00.I will not charge beyond this price regardless the number of minis you buy in one transaction.

Exempt to this deal is the Mirliton sale which due to weight will be sold on a different postage rate. There is a lot of lead/white metal in each one of the mounts so they will be charged per item but I’ll try to cheap it as reasonable as possible. I'll give you a quote on the on request. Or a one off deal of £40.00 postage and packing included for all ten mounts is on offer. Please note this is only for the mounts as I've used the riders for one of my Tossian projects.

All items are now open to offers!05/06/14

Mirliton Dark Elf reptile mounts.
10x £3.00 each plus post and packing. £40.00 for all ten postage and packing included. Riders are not included.

Many Wargames Foundry Dark Africa range 1-11
£1.00 each+post and packing. Now sold.

10xAdvancing infantry still available.
1xNCO Now sold.
1xOfficer Now sold.
£1.00 each +post and packing

Senior Officer on far right hand side £1.00 plus post and packing.Now sold.

RAFM and Citadel
1,2.3 and 5- Wood Elf and hooded mummy type figure with dagger (other like it used by me as worm priests.Now sold. ) , Martian infantry officer, scout/tracker/infantry Martian with rifle still available .£1.00 each plus post and packing.
No. 4 . £3.00 for Gashant (Officer rider included in price)+postage and packing

Still available


Copplestone parts, two eastern swords and umbrella and parasol. 50p for all 4 items plus postage and packing. Now sold.

Three Wargames Foundry arms 2 holding revolvers 1 hold binoculars ,1 Oshiro arm holding revolver.50p for all 4 items plus post and packing. Now sold.

GW LOTR minis 1x Elf. £1.00 plus post and packing.

Three white metal alliance type armoured warriors.£1.00 each plus post and packing. You can have the plastic 3 for free.

If you have any questions please ask.
If you want to offer me a deal on everything let me know.
Sorry UK sales only.
Please remember I'm not a company just a private seller.


  1. I'll be delighted to relive you of the Darkest Africa chaps the weapons parts & the offers & NCOs. I PM'd you in LAF

    Bruce aka Valerik

  2. I'll get back to you shortly Sir

  3. I'm most sorry Sir but its UK sales only due to postage and mail services.

  4. My apologies, I missed the "UK only". I was excited you were offering things I genuinely want. I do wish you'd change your mind, extra postage is NOT a problem and one small box would hold it all. I do believe Royal Mail offers confirmed delivery to the USA.

    On a completely different topic do you do anything with DLI capbadges?
    If so I might have a question to pose to you.

    Thanks again,

    Bruce aka Valerik

  5. Hello Sir,

    I've lost a lot of sent items as soon as they reach the dispatch terminals and never got a refund from the postal service even with proof of posting. So I'm very reluctant to send anything overseas. Its bad enough on the island as it is. Let me look into it no promises.

    "do anything with DLI cap badges?" if you mean sell them then the answer is no Bruce. Its a family connection that was chosen as my internet monika which I used when I got back into gaming.

  6. Fair enough. Made you an offer in LAF PM on these.

    Oh I have plenty of DLI capbadges &collar dogs, but a dim memory reminds me I have a reversed one, horn right to left not left to right. I've been trying to track down any info or data for years.

    Thank you

    Bruce aka Valerik

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