Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fadath Revolt-The Failed Coup d'état Part 1

Fadath Revolt-The Failed Coup d'état
Warning pic heavy post!
The Game Location: The Southern Gates of the Army and Fleet Academy in the North of the city. The rear of the Academy is supported by Loyalist forces from the city wall and cannot be reached by the Royalists bogged down fighting along the city wall from tower to tower.

The École d' de l'artillerie and the Fadath Field Artillery bombard the Academy walls to try to drive back the defenders.

The Royalists enter the table at full charge under fire from the walls.
Grovener's Rifles to the left, the HBTC proper with its command group then members of the École d' de l'artillerie with their Miltailleuse gun, the 1st Fadath Foot holding the centre with the Guards, the 3rd, the 2nd and on the far right flank the new Marines.

"I wouldn't stand there if I was you" Moments later the 3rd are cut down by artillery, and what is left of them leave the table.

The Royalists fire and advance but still come under fire from the walls.

The Miltailleuse is positioned to sweep the walls and gatehouse.

The advance continues.

Grovener's Rifles  have the length of the wall to traverse and lose men to the City levy's muskets.

The Hesperian Basin Trading Company suffer loses

Onward! Onward!

All is lost at the gate and retreat is the only option.

The Fadath Foot flood in!

[At this point in the game two of the 4 wild cards actions are activated to shocking results! Boiling hot lead is released from the guard room above the gateway and a hidden commando unit scales the walls.]
Cont. in part two.



  1. Very nice action, and never apologise for too many pictures :-)

    What figs are you using for the Fadath foot? They look a bit like Siamese, but I'm not at all sure. But they look good, and everything is beautifully painted.

    Already looking forward to the rest!

  2. You can say there isn't enough but my new camera packed up due to over heating ;) lol I'm still edited part 2 with over 50 pics to go through ;)

    But thank you any way Clive your comments are always welcome. Your mini recognition is jolly good right part of the world Sir. I bought them from Newline designs and they describe them as Burmese from Pontoonier Miniatures. I've only done a little conversations to the feet to give them more of a Martian feel. Your too kind, my painting ability (what little I have ) hasn't improved since I stopped painting Airfix Spitfires back in the early 80's ;)

    Thanks again for your continued interest :)