Monday, 5 May 2014

Fadath Revolt-The Failed Coup d'état Part 2

Fadath Revolt-The Failed Coup d'état Part 2

A quick up and over the wall, thanks to a activation card.

Look behind you!

Those that have avoided being boiled alive in the gateway have made it through to the last line of Loyalist defence. But are still being fired on from the walls.

A giant hand squashes a member of the guard!

The final line of the final line.

All is lost.........woe to the fallen.

Time to leave. The Metropolitan Shiog'ii berates Prince Hastuun for his retreat but knows the plan to weaken the city state of Fadath is going according to plan.

The Prince leaves for is country estate. Of cause he never left it and wasn't in the city at all today, was he ?.
So what now for the city state of Fadath? It seems that the Princess and her human allies have secured the South East part of the under belly to the British territories. But is all well know?

[At this point the free beer ran out and the Royalist players had to go home to their wives ;) Thanks again chaps. Keep trying to get the club to accept Space 1889 as a game to play and I'll provide all the minis.]