Friday, 30 May 2014

I've been a busy little boy!

Some rebasing and new fellows to add to my British forces -1st Moeris Lacus Foot-'Strides in Glory', more Martians and some bits and bobs for other factions like the Red Captains and Fadath.

I picked out these chaps to high light my Shastapsh forces. Not forgotten and have been slowly building for future games. Four members of the Black Flag ex-dockers and air sailors that are seen wearing 'liberated' naval coats and other human clothing. They with the city municipal  guard  form the cities strongest and best equipped Flag (Band). The colour of the Shastapsh turban isn't mentioned in the source material (unless I missed it) so I went with red but as some of these chaps are sailors from elsewhere on Mars I've a few other colours which can't been seen here.

Edited 03/06/14 and now for a bit of transport. Still work in progress but it gives you the idea. The drivers are Gatling gunners from Rapier Miniatures.

Edited 05/06/14 A little bit of green stuff to finish off this Boreosyrtis League  marine.