Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hesperian Basin Trading Company-The city state of Fadath

Sorry to those waiting for part 2 of the latest Fadath game but I'm still editing the pics to make sense of the game. I'll hopefully have it up on Tuesday at the latest, my better half has given me jobs to do over the bank holiday Monday :( But in the mean time here are a small number of new pics taken on the game weekend to fill in some game background.
Hesperian Basin Trading Company
An update date on earlier HBTC background information I've published in hobby form.

Location:The City state of Fadath

While the Hesperian Basin Trading Company has its own aimed wing of ex-soldiers in some cases it extends its military to hiring additional mercenaries. In the city region of Fadath this forms the Hesperian Basin Free Company. The HBTC has a contact to train  and supply the Fadath 1st Foot. To turn them into a modern human style army using its freed slaves. The HBTC does this through its own employees and sub-contractors mainly ex-military european advisors. The Hesperian Basin Free Company from these men also acts as support units to the city state paid for by Princess Kristyaana Anraabu through taxes and trade concessions.

The core of the HBTC in Fadath with the command unit, military instructors and field troops.

Grovener's Rifles

капита́н Ivans Cossack's and Nash Merryweather’s Scouts

École d' de l'artillerie

The Fadath game was an excuse for a closer look at my version of the HBTC/HBFC.

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