Saturday, 5 March 2011

To the Grindstone

This weekend I really have to get some painting done.I've either been too busy or putting it off for other things.Either way I've got at least half my Martians to finish(partly due to the fact I keep getting more before I've finished all the first ones)and a smaller group of humans.Having 6 projects on the go at the same time isn't a good way to get things finished,though it stops you getting bored ;)

So here are a few pics of the start of my canal and some research on 1880's uniforms. These would be for new units armed with the 'new' rifles maybe from wargamesfoundry.I was determined to have Red tunics(I know its the wrong one ;) ) for my first Brits which came from Rapier at a price I couldn't turn down.But there is something so British about the red tunic and its still so much part of the spirit of Space 1889.