Friday, 14 December 2018

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings.

First the sad news.

As you have sadly seen the page was hacked this year by persons waning to promote unpleasant links etc. I'm sorry if any offence was caused. We live in a world where the internet lets cowards and criminals do things that they couldn't get a way with on the street. You know who you are and I hope you get what you deserve in life or the next world! Just about sorted it now but should you find offence posts or links please let me know.

The good news.

Life is busy , a little too busy for hobbies but I haven't given up. I'm still holding the VSF flag and intend to get more done in 2019.

So what's planned. Simple finish all outstanding VSF projects while planning Sci-Fi/RPG Fantasy games.

Thanks for following.

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and a Jolly Happy New Year.

May your God ,Gods or Richard Dawkins go with you.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Martian Manor House and ruined city boards July 2018 WIP

July 2018 WIP

Managed to get some free days to play and this is what I've got done so far on some of those very long term ( and late ) projects.

One finished apart from a dry brush of the ruined road sections.

A bit of Vino on Mars

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Feb/March Post. Late Feb 2018 blog

I know I said I was getting on with minis but while climbing the lead mountain I found these kits at the foot of the mountain thought about them then gave in a got on with them before I climbed any higher.

High status city houses/shops for the larger urban areas on Mars. Once all the kit bits are done I want to add some floors and balconies to fire from.

From TT Combat's ranges.

Now back to those figs!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Martian Warehouse-Jan 2018 Update.

What a shock! I've found time to do something.

A version of a human warehouse on Mars. As in the source books lots of traditional Martian buildings were used by humans rather than build an expensive earth style building. That isn't to say humans didn't use earth styles but these were less common than conversions. Here we have a repaired ruined Martian domestic building combined with a Victorian style frontage make of local materials.

Running with my idea of loading/unloading goods from cloudships using towers/tall buildings. Unlike canal level warehouses which are one or two storey buildings seen in some of my earlier work.  As they load and unload from canal ships.This type of warehouse allows for air transports to remain aloft than having to travel to landing fields and cause all the delay and expense of officials/tax officers/docking crews and ground transport of goods. Also the privacy this can give to the trading companies.

Some bits to go inside.

The ground floor office and first storey office are playable unlike most of the tower.

Warehouse doors not on yet and a few more fixed items for the ground floor. Plus some inter-changeable scatter.

There is access to the top floor and roof for games but not the middle section of the tower.

Now maybe Feb I can get some minis painted?

Friday, 22 December 2017

Seasons Greetings To All -Martian Christmas Dec 2017

So this year has seen few finished projects due to work and family, but one soldiers on.

What for next year? I'll finish the projects from past years, I hope!.
Still fighting through the lead mountain and a lot for terrain to go to future Space 1889 games:
City multi level streets, canal docks, more general Martian buildings (my version),city roof top terrain, Venus etc etc etc.

Thank you for your interest.

May your God,Gods or Richard Dawkins go with you at this time of year and may 2017 see you modeling and gaming as much as you would like to.

DLI in VSF :)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Need a bigger building! Red Devil Inn.WIP.Nov 2017 Post

I came to the conclusion that the first Red Devil Pub/Inn/Tavern wasn't big enough. At first I thought I could save the front wall and add it to a bigger base. But it wasn't that simple.So I had to start from scratch.

Above the old and the new tavern.

Front view

East Wall
West Wall

Rear Wall

I haven't finished it but hear are some internals shots of the ground floor.

It should be big enough for internal combat. As you can see the Irish Volunteers have made themselves at home.

I've loads more to do light add lamps,finish the bar.Add stairs to the rear wall,finish the floor and then finish the 1st floor. But its more work than I've done in 6 months!

So the old Red Devil Inn/Tavern will become "The Ship Inn" among other things.

North Star AlienTribal Warband Review

I don't often do reviews as there are lots out there and they can do a better job than me. But my latest buy from North Star Miniatures inspired me to jot something down and take a few pics.

From their Death on the Red Planet range.You get 10 figures and there seem to been 12 different sculpts in the range from the website pic. Its pot luck if you get different poses from the 12. I assume its a bin pick to numbers rather than by sight.I ended up with 6 different poses.

The weapons are interchangeable or could be replaced with rifles etc..

Could be a casting problem but the chap above had a "slipped" right leg. Hopefully not a mould problem. Not a big job to fix but as its the only leg to make ground contact it will need pinning after removing the extra white metal as I've just did before the the pic.
They all need a good clean and there is rather a lot of flashing.But its not the end of the world.

Monkey faced which works well with my plans for them.
Extra high Martians! Add wing flaps under the arms, hair on the heads,backs and face,extra toes and we won't be fare off the RAFM original High Martians. As they are ground based what I'm thinking is a "Tunnel/Slave Guards" for a Kragg. I thought about junking the shields as it's not practical for flying beasts. But in tunnels you can use a shield rather effectively.
I plan to buy some more next year, hopefully the other poses but may keep them without change for another game?