Saturday, 17 October 2020

Martian city market WIP/Another October 2020 post!

 Busy Busy Busy!

Working on the Martian city market board. Further marking out and measuring. Working out where the buildings will go with the fixed foot paths. Hopefully it will be adjustable for later games.

MDF foot paths from the current snowed under ttCombat who are still trading through the constant beer flu restrictions. In the right hand corner a tax officer/canal light house conversion WIP.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Slow work at the Martian shipyards/October 2020

 Slow work at the shipyards. Lots of vessels in at the moment and time is scarce.

The Hullcutter is going to be the older version which has seen many years of action.

The twin hull is going to be a French armoured yacht for the French consul in the British sector of influence. 

The grey gun boat at the back is and almost complete American consul's ship just awaiting it's props and a few guns.

Next to it is another privately owned tug boat.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Whoops where did the August post go? August 2020

 I've just realised I forgot to post my August post of WIP human sky dock. Life can just pass you by.

Ironclad medium tank for scale.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Martian Hullcutter WIP/September 2020 update

 So things have been pretty busy in the real world. So as usual projects haven't been making much progress lately. The Martian docks board has come to a halt as the moment with the street/market board.

A little bit of work on buildings and cloudships have gone a head though.

A sneak peak at the second mdf Hullcutter from Crossover Miniatures below. The first one is nearing completion. More on that later.

I'd originally planned a step by step build but as Crossover provide a pdf of how to build this and real world times this as fallen away.

WIP Martian restaurant and converted human workshop/doctors office.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

More Martian Docks progress-July 2020

A little more progress on the Martian docks project.

With the lock down removed in most parts of the UK work has been a little crazy so some progress is better than none.

You see the troublesome back board with slope and foam wall below.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

WIP Canal Docks and guns-May 2020


So more measuring and planning on the layout of the docks with some more mdf kits from TTCombat. Which by the way are up and running now, if reduced staff due to the beer flu.

If you can please support hobby companies during the lockdown.

The board will be a silly sized 4ft by 5ft. Highly impractical but I think in Imperial scales in projects. That is partly why I take so long to finish them ;)

Another delivery from The Honourable Boiler Suit Company. 3 & 6 pdrs and some Hotchkiss revolving cannons for another vessel.

Finally some simple basing for some of the going number of crafts down at the Martian shipyards.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Imperial German Navy-Luftsturm Wagen / May 2020

The Imperial German Navy on Mars has been busy. I give you the Mk I Luftsturm Wagen.

An aerial boarding craft. I'll be added a forward and aft gun to her, Hotchkiss 3&6 pdrs.

Originally a blotz terrain Luftstrum Wagon plus a u-boat conning tower. The Seebataillon can't wait to try it out!