Sunday, 17 September 2017

September 2017-Still Alive

Sept.2017-Still Alive.

Well it's been a while but work has been a killer this Summer.

Found by mine mining piece for Mars.

Sarissa Precision got my pennies on this one.There doesn't seem to be anything out there at the moment for what I imagined a human mine on Mars would look like but scratch building one would just add to the unfinished projects mountain.

A word of caution. I painted this in it's flat pack form. Like other sets I've bought from them it didn't fit perfectly. Expansion due to the paint? I may add a track on the front base and add sand.

Table back ground piece which will have a mirror inside to give the impression of a continued street behind it by reflecting the street in front. Not "needed" for gaming but it makes me smile and gives depth for for the camera.
Still ploughing through the rest of the work. After this post one more hour working on the Imperial Japanese compound and a Sarissa bandstand.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

March 2017 / Away from home

I'm away from home as work is dominating the start of the year, but I grabbed a
handful form the lead pile and some British Navy officers for re-basing and set off on my travels.

I cleaned of flashing and put together some Martian bar wenches, eegaar ,zonar and some armed sailors for one of the Red Captain crews.

Not much to show but not stopped completely.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Aphid Class-HBMMS / HMMS Bumble Bee

I give you Her Britannic Majesty's Martian Ship Bumble Bee. I was going to launch her once her crew was ready but I just couldn't hold in my excitement. You won't see her on the table for a good while as my Martian Cloudship fleet are in the air docks at the moment to put up a challenge against her.

I've gone for HMMS Bumble Bee as in the original Space 1889 source material see is in the docks in 1888 and now in 1889 see is complete with minor advancements on her earlier Aphid sister ships. A better boiler and better forward gun.

Built by the most excellent people at Oshiro Model Terrian

February 2017 Blog

Alas I'm still painting the Martian Sewers :(

A bit more Martian terrain.

Tree groves

A fruit orchard. As we know from the original text Martian fields generally take on a triangular shape. 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Building Martian sewers/Jan's Blog 2017

As you can see the construction is taking longer than I had hoped. The excellent set from Ainsty Castings  is produced in resin and there is some distortion in the moulds. This makes and easy fit with the others pieces rather difficult. So it's a case of sanding,filling and even sawing before the final gluing.

So far I've three large boards and one smaller. The aim being that I can play at least three sewer levels while making enough of walls removal to give different options while still maintaining a skeleton to give support to the pieces.

I'm hoping I'll get the painting finish before the end of Feb?