Saturday, 31 January 2015

Jan 2015 Work Bench

Just a few snaps of this months finished work and on going projects.

"Tossian Heavy Cavalry" finally finished. These will be added to my small Tossian infantry unit for actions on the Nectar boarder with the Belgian Crown . A game already worked out "For the King and Gumme" just needs the chaps round to play it if I can find the time and they can be allowed to come out and play by their "wonderful" wives :)

A Red Captain's boarding party and some simple cargo.

18mm Black Hat walkers , now 28mm one/two men Tripods. Agema Early Republican Romans in the process of becoming Martian Marines (inspired by the cover from Sky Galleons-Cloudships & Gun Boats ), Green Flag Martian infantry and some more goodies from Ironclad. Not finished but with work at the moment spare time is very ,very short :(

A little tug boat and a small canal barge.