Thursday, 28 May 2015

For King and Gumme Part 5

For King and Gumme Part 5

"Come with me Red skin we have plans for your kind" Another human is taken off by the Martians.

The freed slaves join on a die role and add to the ranks of the Free Legion.

The 4th breaks and the officers run for cover.

The last line of defence.

Hurrah! The Marines.



Charge! The Marines are caught off guard before they reach the entrance of the plantation house.

The feared Tossian Heavy Cavalry!

You'll need more than a bayonet gentleman.

Times up and at the final round the Martians take the game.
What will happen to the human captives?

For King and Gumme Part 4

For King and Gumme Part 4
Things aren't going well for the plantation guards.

"They just won't go down" As the Tossian rifles rip through the ranks of the 4th.

The Spider reaches the slaves and declares "Freedom!"

"Fall back!"

An orderly retreat as the 4th is forced back while the Emerald Guard continues forward, lead bouncing off their armour.

Run for your lives!

The bulk of the supplies safe.....for now..

For King and Gumme Part 2 and 3

For King and Gumme Part 3

"We can't hold out much longer" "Damn the slaves, they can fend for themselves"

This way to safety.

Hold the line! The 4th see the Emerald Guard untouched by lead advancing.

For King and Gumme Part 2

To the walls!

Call out the guard!

The 4th Advance.

Close quarters with the Hesperian Free Legion and the plantation guards. The slaves look on.

Anderson is taken. The Emerald Guard move forward.

For King and Gumme Round 1

For King and Gumme Part 1

Work hard and you may live!

Gun fire from the bushes!

"We need to increase production Burton" "What?" "What's that gun fire?"

Sound the alarm!

The Emerald Guard advance of the supply train after giving fire. Robert Anderson stands to fight giving chance for his beloved pack animals to be led away.

Aderson fires both barrels!