Thursday, 28 May 2015

For King and Gumme Part 5

For King and Gumme Part 5

"Come with me Red skin we have plans for your kind" Another human is taken off by the Martians.

The freed slaves join on a die role and add to the ranks of the Free Legion.

The 4th breaks and the officers run for cover.

The last line of defence.

Hurrah! The Marines.



Charge! The Marines are caught off guard before they reach the entrance of the plantation house.

The feared Tossian Heavy Cavalry!

You'll need more than a bayonet gentleman.

Times up and at the final round the Martians take the game.
What will happen to the human captives?


  1. Love this series of posts. Nice spears on the Gashant Heavies.

  2. Thanks Pat, the spears came with the Grenadier Dark Elf riders.

  3. Nice pictures! I like the feeling of Martians being somewhat - fantasy inspired! Very Nice!!