Thursday, 2 January 2014

Better run through the jungle !


Better Run Through the Jungle

The setting: At the foot of the Thetis Mountains deep in Russian territory on Venus.


The British have heard that the Germans have sighted a structure in Russian territory on Venus. If this structure contains Vulcan technology it is vital that both the Russians and Germans are prevented from getting it.

A British Intelligence officer is to be sent with a despatch of marines with orders to secure any technology or destroy it before the others powers reach it.

Game Objectives:

The British enter from the North East. Their objective to capture or destroy and Vulcan technology.
10x Marines 2x Officers 1x Senior Intelligence Officer (Colonel R.J.Harper-Maynard) 2x Scientists/Archaeologists (Professor Karl Zellar& Professor Hamish Dundee ) 1x Native tracker

The Germans from the South East. Capture any Vulcan technology.10xMarines 1xOfficer 1xScienctist 1xNative tracker

The Russians from the South West. Force the invaders out and capture whatever they are after.
10xRussian Infantry 2x Officers 1xNative tracker

The centre and a camp in the North West  are held by Countess Zebrowska with her personal guard. Secure and remove any technology from the table at any cost.10xGuards 1xCountess 1xPersonal Bodyguard 1x Archaeologist/Linguist –(Professor Achmed  Hawass) 2x Native lizardmen Cizith a shaman and Flish a tracker/hunter.


The item is a non-functioning vision device which requires at least 4 people to remove it from table. It can be destroyed at closed range by any hand weapon.

The start of the game with a West/East orientation. The British and the German enter from the East and the Russian from the West. The Countess holds the North West corner and the centre of the table. To the South native lizardmen of unusual size are formed into two groups. It is not none whether or not they support one side or another.

British Royal Marines escort an intelligence officer and two experts in Martian/Vulcan technology.

The Germans use an old river bed to enter play.

Both forces unaware of each other.

The Russians enter eager to push out the invaders.

Lookouts at the ruins keep watch. In the foreground is a Sleeping Flower? Deadly to the natives and can knockout a human within range.

"Ivan what's that ahead of us in the bushes?"

The Russians split their forces. One in the direction of the ruins and the other to the Countess's camp in what was an a lizardmens village.

The British and Germans spot one another. Rifles are raised but the goal is more important. The race begins.

[You can tell I've a new computer and (why didn't you get a better camera as well I hear you shout),I've been playing with the paint file and its bubble speak function ;) ]

The Germans are attacked on their left flank be natives and have to respond. Shots are fired on both the British and Germans by the Countess's man. The Russians engage the second group of Lizardmen and the guards at the camp.

The Russians now low in numbers try to stop the Countess's retreat with the device. But they fail to look up into the trees.


The Russians have lost numbers to the Countess's guards at the camp led by a unknown Native American tracker/assassin and to the second group of native Lizardmen but they press on bayonets blooded!

The Germans split into two. One group continues for the ruins the other attacks the Lizardmen. Unfortunately for them having their native tracker die earlier in the game they walk into a patch of 'Sleeping Flowers'. These men are knocked out within 2 inches of the plants and are left helpless while hungry lizardman look on.

The Countess and her remaining force try's to leave with the device but she is out numbered. She drops it and runs for the edge of the table. The Russians give chase ,the remaining Germans are forced to retreat and collect their wounded and sleeping men. The British secure the device for transport back to the a research centre on Mars.
Notes on the games.
I thought I had a load of jungle terrain but with you get it all on the table you start to think you need more. My plantation stuff didn't come out but still more green me thinks?
Thanks to the boys for coming over and drinking all my good wine.....but it was fun. Happy New Year. See told you its better than 40K Jim ;)