Thursday, 2 August 2012


Lets just say that I've haven't had the time to put into the hobby as I would like.

While doing some DIY I came up with the wheeze of try builders foam to turn into cliff sides and rock formations.If you don't use this stuff within so many days after first using it,the stuff goes solid in the can.So an old fruit tray lined with newspapers,spray the outside first working inwards and watch it take form.Add to where you think it needs it to give depth.

Once dry and solid,remove from the tray,remove the paper (if you find a difficult bit use some water to soften the newspaper)its the back or bottom don't worry too much.Then with a craft knife start carving ,removing the rounder bits,adding flat surfaces for figs etc.If  you want ,you can cut out spaces behind to place figs weapons etc for a game.

For £7.00 a can it works outs rather cheap given the sizes you can get.

Pics to follow when I work out whats happened to the blog with its recent changes.