Saturday, 26 April 2014

Fadath Revolt-The Failed Coup d'état Pre-game background

A little teaser for the long awaited game in the Fadath saga. It also sets up future games and plots all written years ago (yes that's how long its taken, some have 2010 and 2011 dates on them. EEEEKKKK!!!!) and waiting for terrain and minis. Some of which won't ever get used because I still haven't got round to finishing them.


Fadath Revolt-The Failed Coup d'état

A group of armed hooded Martians exited a small door way at the side of the Old Palace.  The street was eerily empty and only the red dust that sometimes blows in little spirals which the Hill Martians believe are the spirits of restless souls accompanied them. They moved in only a way men who have fought together many times can. Like a sea of blue cloaks all merging into a creature with one purpose, to protect the centre from harm. Behind them in the palace courtyards the shouts of Fadath Royalists could be heard cursing Hustuun’s name.
 Meanwhile elsewhere in the city rioters had started attacking humans where ever they could find them spurred on by the ranting’s of the Metropolitan. Bodies of non-Fadath Martians could be found in doorways and street intersections. Mutilated human traders slumped over their stalls or hanging out of the widows of their shops in the market and dock districts. The human quarter was the only relatively safe place at this time but small crowds of young Martians were gathering, torches in their hands.
The central area of the city was now under the control of the Royalist forces but they didn’t by any stretch of the imagination control the whole city. Though the Royalists outnumbered the rebel army they held a number of key sites. But some of these were at risk from the rioters if order could not be established quickly. The Rebels still held the Army & Fleet Academy the Royal Armoury most of the cities canal and land gates, most of the city wall and towers. Though these were being taken one by bloody one by the Fadath Foot. The landing field has been lost and any remaining Royal Marines have withdrawn to the academy along with the city levies.

From a balcony of the great temple of Mrohzanji the Metropolitan Shiog'ii continues to stirrup the passions of the city’s populous.

“Brothers and sisters! Sons and daughters of Mars. What has become of you? What has become of the once proud and noble people who built and grew this land?

The outsiders now rule us and we have become their lap dogs. They came to us with hands open claiming to be our friends but they put shackles on us. Not only of the body but most despicable on our minds. We would rather serve them as slaves than help our fellow Martians. Our forefathers did not sacrifice so that you could grovel at the feet of our oppressors.

To live under the yoke of the outsiders is no life at all. Freedom is the only worthwhile pursuit in life. We must regain our honour, our pride and our freedom. We must drive the enemy from our land and punish the traitors’ so we will never be slaves again.

Burn my children, burn it all and cleanse our city of their alien god and impure blood!”

As more of the crowd brake off to cause further chaos a sinister smile grows behind the Metropolitan’s golden mask. Unbeknownst to his flock, Prince Hastuun and his forces the Metropolitan Shiog'ii has his own reasons for the destruction of the Fadath city state.  The Prince’s natural patriotism has been guided into this situation from the very beginning by the most subtle, agile and ambitious mortal mind that currently resides on Mars at this time. A shadow that is spreading over the red planet and other parts of the solar system. A shadow that will use anyone and anything to reach its ultimate aim .

More on that another time……….

Edited 28/04/14
So at great cost of many bottles of Hobgoblin Ale and naggings from someone else's wives about bringing their husbands back in some state of order after "we've played soldiers" we got the very long delayed Fadath Coup game in on Sunday. No excuses you've them all before, minis are missing, buildings not finished but its done. Hurrah! I've only managed to sort out the pre-game pics for now as please bear with me for the game right up.

The location. The Army and Fleet Academy in the Northern part of the city of Fadath. The Southern gate and central administration building.

Prince Hustuun and his bodyguard.
"Ten green Martians standing on a wall,
Ten green Martians standing on a wall
and if one green Martian should accidently fall"

Part of the remaining City Levy holding the left section of the wall.

What's left of the Deadly Sting hold the gate.

The remainder of Fadath Royal Marines the right section of the wall.

More of the City Levies in front of the gateway with an artillery piece. Most of the artillery was removed from the walls to use in the coup elsewhere in the city. It turns out this was a bad move.
An over view of the Loyalist forces before the Royalists enter from the edges of the table. You can just see some more Marines behind the gatehouse in front of the admin building.

For those who want to see where the adventure begins.


  1. I love your stuff and I am wondering how you made your golden armored martian rifles? They look amazing and I want to make some for a IHMN team.

  2. I think they are Fadath Royal Marines.

  3. Hello Benvolio,

    The Fadath Royal Marines with blue cloaks (with white trim) and gold armour are some second hand Games Workshop Lord of the Rings High Elves bought off e-bay. The ones carrying rifles are conversions to make two Loyalist units. I cut the arms off and replaced them with arms from the plastic Perry Miniatures B16 French Napoleonic Dismounted Dragoons 1812-15 you need to buy multiple sprues to form a unit. In most cases I just used 1 arm set (out of three options) on most then sold the rest of the sprue on e-bay. I still have some kicking around somewhere.Some of them worked better than others and depending on which of the three styles of GW fig you use the arms need to be trimmed and helped with a bit of filler. I didn't put that much time into them as I don't see them as a long term force compared to the 'new' army. I needed a cheap stock of troops form the new Fadath army influenced by human trends and styles to fit in with the Fadath background I already based my own on.

    Hope that helps :)

    Thanks for your interest,


  4. I should also add that broken figs on e-mail (even cheaper) as suitable as your cutting the arms off anyway. So broken glaives (swords) or arms don't matter. So don't pay really silly prices for super painted ones which are going to get chopped up any way. :)

  5. lol that should be "broken figs on e-bay" not "broken figs on e-mail" lol

    Note to self , don't do hobby things while at your work desk. Keep your mind on the job! lol