Sunday, 6 April 2014

For the Emperor!

Just a quick peak at my current Nippon project. Some troops still on order but these are almost finished to protect the Imperial Ambassador.

I'm not happy with the uniform.I used a dark blue but over time I think it had a change of colour in the pot over winter. It should of come out more Navy but after two coats it remained its current hue.

From wood block prints the later 1880's infantry uniform was almost black but apart from stripping them back to their metal they will have to cope with a slightly faded uniform on Mars. Only another dozen or so to add to them including NCO's and officer/officers. They may end up with a small Gashant cavalry troop but that is in a long queue with other things to do.

But this should be my last human force in Space 1889. There maybe the odd addition to the armies (not taking into account transports and armour) but no more new human ones.

The British Empire
The Imperial Germans
The French
The Belgians
The Americans
The Imperial Russians
The Imperial Japanese
Human Mercenaries (HBTC for Fadath)
and some humans thrown in with the evil masterminds force is more than enough.

Earthers are still supposed to be a minority on Mars anyway ;) lol

If anything I could do with more Martians, not a new army as such but some suitable proxies to fill out my current three Martian armies excluding Fadath,

Anyway enough witter for now. More painting to do.

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