Saturday, 22 March 2014

Canal Cranes

I'm well behind on everything .....again!

But here are some human canal quay cranes for unloading those cases of rifles to sell to that well known Martian despot in your local area.
Along side are some soon (he says hopefully) Russian sailors and a couple of "Red Captains" for some privateer cloudship crews.

Both cranes are from Ratio OO/HO railway sets from the local model shop. A bit of a pain to put together and the instructions were written by a psychic but I'm pleased with them. Just right to sit of the  jetty. The "rust" spray wasn't working right and gave a strange effect but I kind of like it so its staying for now at least.

On another note I had a parcel in the post from Tiger mini's today from their recent kickstarter. The "Guild" set which will become Boreosyrtis League marines/mercs.

I've a lot of filing and general cleaning to do on them. I'm likely to remove the bases altogether and go to town with some green stuff to finish them off before painting.

Edited 9th April: A word of caution if you do remove the bases. They are very weak at the ankle and I've had to pin some of the feet back onto the legs.


  1. Nice figures...the one to the left, looks just like Corto Maltese!!
    Me like! =)

    1. ..sorry the one to the RIGHT in the pictures, looks like the in famous captain =)

  2. Those are very smart looking. When I finally get around to having a dockside piece made for my canals, I believe I shall need one or two as well.

  3. Thank you gentlemen.The two captains are from Foundry's Indian mutiny range. A little early for the 1880's but they seem to fit the earliest type of active Humans on Mars being the Red Captains before the Empires, Kingdoms and Republics secured their hold on the planet. Being on the planet that long they were less likely to go with new trends in style. Well that's at least my thinking on the source material :)