Thursday, 17 April 2014

High Martian Liftwood Grove

My version of a Martian lift wood grove that I finished last night with a few minis for scale .
Made for a future game. The trees are bought from an online trader on e-bay (not sure what brand they are) and only needed painting and adding to the bases. Nice and simple, just as I like it. The 'flowers'/leaves are from and are fine foam mixture. Mounted on four bases to make them a bit more flexible in terrain options.


  1. Very nice - they look very much as we envisioned them for "France Needs Liftwood". I love zeitgeist.

  2. I'm a shameless copyist ;)

    The only pic we have online of lift wood shows a flower at the end on a branch so we are left with the idea of a tree that can be turned into planks for cloudships that are grown in groves the majority of which are still controlled by High Martians.

    A project I actually completed this year, unusual for me lol.