Friday, 18 July 2014

Martian July 2014 Work Bench

While taking a brief break from the shipyards of Crocea I've finished off another batch of recruits for various factions on Mars. Replacements for Oenotrian levies(the old have been added to the Shastapsh levies to form part of one of the flags), some more legionaries and a marine  , Hill Martians 'tribal' cavalry , and a couple more of the Black Flag.

I was tempted to show you all pics of my progress so far of the Martian cloadship but I've thought better and intend to show the completed ships minus bases soon and altogether. I would of finished most of the painting this weekend but 'the powers that be' "she who must be obeyed" has me visiting her family this weekend. Just one major structure build of the our rigger for the Fleetfoot then finish all the painting ,add guns and banners. That will finish the Fleetfoot, Smallbird and Clearsight.I'll have to put the Swiftwood on hold for a bit :(


  1. Looking good there! I need to get back to some 25mm Martian fun myself. I have some gashant cavalry that needs painting. And some dragonfly cavalry for the British. And some steam-horse cavalry for the Germans (I think not sure yet). And some...

  2. Very nice indeed! All RAFM figs?

    Personally, I'd love to see WIP pics of your cloudship :-)

  3. Thank you gentlemen your too kind again :)

    I know that feeling J Womack, the lead mountain never seems to go down

    They are all RAFM Paul apart for the two on the left at the front, part of my Black Flag band. Both from Warlords Seminole Indians range to represent sailors and city dock workers with minor conversions to make them look a bit more Martian.

  4. Your wish has come true Paul :) a WIP posted today due to booked up weekends that are likely to lead to delays.

  5. Smartly turned out. I'll be looking for the Warlords Seminoles, as they work well for Martian extras.

  6. Thank you Keith , I'm also looking at some Perry Sudanese for levy band (unit) fillers at a later date. I'm still looking for some detailed sprues of the them. Google seems to be limited with close ups.