Sunday, 29 June 2014

Martian Cloudships!

Martian cloudships! Can it be true. The very things that drew me to Space 1889 through pictures from the London Warlords. Surely not?
For those who have followed my blog for a while know that my track record on fly craft for my Space 1889 games isn't shinning. I've four ships still in the docks awaiting completion but the recent thread on the Lead Adventurers Forum sent me in to heights of uncontrollable giddiness.
So while restricted in my current painting due to domestic duties. I went out and spent some Amazon vouchers on some balsa wood packs.
So here is only a teaser of what may come if all goes well.

A Fleetfoot and Smallbird only two of the four planned in this rushed 'MAD' project.



The other two a Clearsight and Swiftwood if I can keep the momentum going and get my wee chap painting still on track. Please no more wall papering! The house is fine.


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  2. Fantastic! Don't deplore your lack of finishing these (shipbuilding yards have extensive delays all the time...) but applaud your current progress. I've thought about making some of these for years but haven't yet managed to cut the first bit of wood! Still, the Aphid class gunboat continues to beckon me...

    I'll be watching with great interest!

  3. Ooh, shiny!

    I'm a serial planner too, but you've taken it to the next stage. Well done.

  4. Your too kind gentlemen :) I hope the boss doesn't give me any more DIY jobs this weekend ;)

    I may later in time do a brief construct guide and tips section but the next pics hopefully will be of the completed cloudships or at least ready to be put on their mounts. I'm hoping with their reduced weight I won't face the same problems as the first set of plastic and wood ones still unfinished.