Sunday, 10 November 2013

Revolt in Fadath Part 5

Revolt in Fadath Part 5

Now the marines,cadets and Deadly Sting have joined up but the sound of drums and bugles of the 1st Fadath Foot are heard from the other side of the wall.

Up the steps

Major Grovenor and the remainder of his men hold the middle part of the tower and the doorway to the wall.The Princess and her brother in law hold the top of the tower and can see help coming.

The Fadath 1st Foot come into sight and enter the game.

Four companies of freed slave troops of the city's new army make their way to the palace gate.

Hope at last for the Princess.

Sections of four companies of the 1st Fadath Foot.The others are still fighting elsewhere in the city against the rebels.

Game details.

Fadath Loyalists

The Deadly Sting(H) 1 Officer 14men

Army & Fleet Academy (H) Officer cadets 10men

Palace Guard (H) 10men

Royal Armouries Guard (H)10men

Royal Marines (K-)5men

Kristyaana's  (Gisra's )Shield (K-)1Officer 12men

Total of Loyalists 72

Fadath Roylists

Freemen of Fadath-(1st Fadath Foot)

1st Company Rifle Line (The Guards) 2 officers 13men

2nd Company Musket Line 3 officers men 12men

3rd Company Spears Line 2 officers 13men

1st Fadath Marine Company 2 officers 13men


Grovener's Rifles 2 Officers 10men on the walls

Cossacks 2 Officers 4men at the gate

4 HBTC Guards on the gate


Swift Death 1 Officer 31men

Dooms End 1 Officers 17men

Melas Royal Bodyguards

Melas Royal Bodyguard 1 officer 7men

Total of Royalist forces 140  - 60 of which are relief forces. 80 Royalist troops in the palace.

Objective hold the Princess and kill as many traitors as possible or free the Princess until the 1st Fadath Foot relieve Royalist forces.

I commanded the Loyalist forces of Prince Hastuun.
Lee ran the Royalists of Princess K

NB. Poor Lee forgot he had placed more archers in another building within the palace courtyard and never played them. I playing the ‘baddy’ didn’t remind him until after the game,over a port ;)


  1. A Great series - most inspirational.

    1. Thank you Pat.Most kind of you :)I hope to play the next part of the revolt around the start of next year.Lets see how Prince Hastuun gets out of this one ;)