Sunday, 10 November 2013

Revolt in Fadath Part 3

 Revolt in Fadath Part 3

So to save the prolonged pain of weekly posts here comes the remaining parts of the game.4 and 5 are lighter but this one is still pic heavy.

The princess leaving by the front door.Under the fire of Army and Fleet cadets.

What's this?The Deadly Sting.But shouldn't they be elsewhere in the city?

Keep your heads down you Russian chaps!

The Deadly Sting bring welcome relief to the rebels but they carry dread news of the fight elsewhere in the city.Things have not gone well and according to the plan......

The "Fadath Whore is getting away" "Follow me!"

The cadets chase the Princess.


Run sister "Run!

Turn the Mitrailleuse around quick!

Too late!

Hold the line! The Melas bodyguard stand their ground.


The Deadly Sting are joined by a handful of the old Fadath marines.

Shot vs blade

Gun fire from all sides!The cadets close in of the left flank.

A bit of a bloodbath!

Come out Cossacks where ever you are!The old marines are keen.

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