Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dec Hobby Update-No Giant Chickens Yet :(

Just a brief update on what I've been upto over the last couple of weekends.So the other day I collected the already painted wee men and the recently finished ones for a 'mass varnish' and hurrah I had lizards too.Alright I'm still not happy with the ones I bought but its hard to find many that match the source material.So they will have to do.Besides what does it matter if your a young German soldier alone,lost in the jungles of Venus,a lizardman is just as deadly no matter what he looks like!

Sadly it doesn't look like my RAFM Gashants and the rest of the order is going to get to me before Christmas.They still have to make their way from the US and then we have the Royal Mail Christmas delays to look forward to :(. Though I bet my credit card transaction for the import tax goes straight through without delays!!!

So change of plan and we are going a Venus game/games early and leave the Belgian Coprates games till next year.No not all my Venus things are finished but I'd rather start with them than start a Coprates game with Tossian heavy cavalry.

So I've sketched out to games and set them to the other players and well see what the next few weeks bring.I'll be getting my instructions to pack everything away over crimbo anyway lol
The few days between X-Mass and the New Year may require losts of plastic plants on bases to come out of storage boxes.To add to this rarerly seen Germans,Russians,a army of an Evil Mastermind and the Brits on the table.

Below are some pics of a rather chilly morning and the varnished hoard.
So starting from the right hand upper corner clockwise with have Royal Marines from the Perry brothers,Belgian Marnies from War Games Foundry,Belgian officers & NCO's,bottom left hand corner civilians from Foundry to my little Tossian force of riflemen.

In the centre more Foundry from the Darkest Africa range and a Lledo carriage which will have a Gashant added to it in time.

At the very bottom of the pic you can seen some lizards and a rouge RAFM colonial soldier for a rebel unit.




  1. Golly gosh what are these lovely toys going to be used in ?
    ie. Rules ?

  2. We are going with an altered/updated version of the original source books or Gaslight. We haven't discussed it in detail as this Mars game is on hold until the Tossian Cavalry are finished.