Monday, 30 December 2013

Waterborne Battles Space 1889

Another new project and the year hasn't ended yet! I need stronger tablets ;)

Some time ago I had an interesting and enjoyable debate with another Space 1889 fan about waterborne battles on Mars.  My contention was that these were not likely to be very common on the canal systems and that land and air based battles were more common. With a suitable aircraft you could control a water route to unwanted surface vessels. As always I could be wrong, so why not give it a go and have fun doing it.

So I decided to go back to the original source books and see I we could come up with in a game.

Two options sprang immediately to mind, a canal battle themselves or a ship battle in the Gosklimsk (or some other water body)swamp or a similar body of water.

Option 1-Straight forward boat to boat battle with possible canal bank support.

Option 2-Pirate style boarding game with a large canal barge (Beastmen of Mars page 25 or More Tales from the Ether page 8) assaulted by smaller vessels to seize passengers, goods and the barge.

So while only in the very early stages of planning I've started to put together a little fleet. With all my paints, glues and tools restricted until after Jan 1st and only the kitchen to play in I've only been able to make some cotton sail for them. I'll be adding a few bits and bobs later. Simple flat bottomed cargo / troop transports. The canal barge will be a challenge in a few ways.

I'm chomping at the bit for a Venus jungle game which was delayed due to my PC giving up the ghost on the 19th. So this week I hoping to get that game in and unpack my hobby bits and start painting etc again.

The boats are from PMC , the red sailed one I've had a while but the other 4 are all new. I've been told PMC are selling to another company ? I know from the TMP site some have had problems with them. All I can say is that their products are great and I haven't had any problems to date. I only  bought two boats and got two free which is always something to put a smile on your face.
So back to watching crappy movies on telly :(

Happy New Year Folks :)

PS I've gone over 10,000 views according to the website. Have I really read my own stuff that many times ;) lol . Thank you to all those people :)

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