Sunday, 10 April 2011

Part 1 Game 01

In order to give balance to the game the defending player rolls to see if the main Martian force is delayed. He is lucky enough to get evens and Lord Hulmutex’s cloud ship suffers an engine problem and must stop 5miles away for repairs (Lucky Lee lol ).Must be the French steam engine or maybe the American propellers? His loyal heavy infantry refuse to go on without him and hold their position. Only his light infantry muskets go on with the Shastapsh Militia& Hill Martian mercenaries.

Martian forces disembark from rafts drawn by a canal barge and take up position.
Settlers and resident Martians run for cover. Colonial officers prepare to defend the station building. Martians begin to unload the artillery.

Cavalry enter from the North by the canal path.

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