Monday, 11 April 2011

Part 5 Game 01

Both sets of Gashant riders prepare to charge in this small area. But the scouts already have the initiative. The charge takes place but a rifle squad on the left flank fire into the Oenotrian Lancers and without the distance advantage their extra long lances are a disadvantage against the Hill Martian spears.

As the British infantry advance towards the canal the Martians begin to withdraw and the Shastapsh commander fails a bravery test. He flees leaving his and the Oenotrian troops only managing to bring the artillery with him and a hand full of men.

If he hadn’t failed he may have been able to stage a last minute counter action with a full unit of musketeers now on high ground and what is left of the other forces.

The second game we played will be posted over the week.

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