Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fadath Battle The Blood Flows

The Oenotrians Marines have had enough and make an orderly retreat as they repeatedly fail  difficult terrain rolls to reach the Cossacks and see their rear exposed to Nash’s men and Fadath support units on the cliff.

The Fadath Marines drive the Deadly Stingfrom the field with heavy rifle fire.
Skorosia Regular Infantry with halberds wield around the White Jackets left flank. But the Fadath Marines now free to aid their fellow freed slave brother take up position with their bolt action and lever rifles.

Oenotrian “True Shots” on the right flank remain in their position and thin out the advancing Fadath Blue Jackets with their own rifled muskets.

Nash brings down enough fire to causes the Ruumet Breehr to runs a muck amongst the remainder of the artillery.

Crocea Volunteers break from the centre of the field and wield right towards the Fadath Blue Jackets with spears lowered into position and large double bladed swords raised for action.


Oenotrian Volunteers engage the Fadath spears men the White Jackets and hold their own. But the Hesprian Free Company Command now join up with the spears man and lend moral support and rifles.

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